How to create your erotic adult dating profile

There are 4 types of people who use this site.

1. Those looking for a hook up, one night stand or NSA sex.
2. Those looking for a relationship of some kind, include sex friendship or friendship with benefits, maybe fuck buddies.
3. Those looking to participate in the Community aspect of erotic adult dating, to entertain themselves. This type of people seat 24/7 at the front of the commuter. They are always, chat or video chat or post comment on on-line dating magazine, or give advice etc. They are very active on the site, but they not really looking for anything.
4. Those who don’t know what they want.

What ever is your reason to be here, you have to join the site and create your own profile to do anything… (it is free).

A catchy profile is:
Clear and short. Describe yourself with creative descriptions (and be honest). You do not write I am Barbie, if you short and your weight is over 1000 LBS. Don’t write I like to go out, watch movies and listening music. Lot of people like that! Better to give some details. Let them know what you like and don’t like! Remember: You write your profile, and an erotic profile is like an ad, so you make the rules!

Don’t write:
I am funny guy. If you are funny, make your profile funny too.

Keep in mind:
The age is not everything, but counts. Your age, your marital status and have children or don’t is important, especially if you are looking for somebody for no string attached sex relationship.

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Practice casual sex is like swinging, a lifestyle that couples enjoy to help them live out their fantasies with other adults. Singles can be involved in the lifestyle, and are involved, since many couples are looking for either an extra male or female to help them live out a threesome fantasy.

What singles must remember when they are lucky enough to be involved is that it is a privilege and they must treat it as privilege. Many of the problems single men have in trying to get into this lifestyle are brought on by themselves.

Most of them treat the ladies as sluts or nymphomaniacs. Threesome is sharing, what the single guy share? Why can not find girlfriend? Oh, your girlfriend not into threesome or casual sex? Then you shouldn’t either, or find other girlfriend. Remember, sharing is two sided. But if you single and really want to get into the lifestyle, keep trying. Be friendly, clean, very polite, see things positive and who know maybe one day you may get what you want.

There are a lot of more things…
Give some idea what kind of person or persons you are looking for, but don’t over do it. Not to good idea making a picky ad. Nobody will respond. Try to use popular words, like: active, ambitious, bashful, charring, cheerful, classic, creative, dependable, easygoing, elegant, erotic, friendly, fierily, fit, flexible, generous, good lover, good kisser, honest, hot, horny, intelligent, intense, joyous, joyful, kinky, loyal, modest, mature, nice, open minded, optimistic, patient, romantic, pretty, professional, serious, smart, sweet, swingers, swingers couple, vibrant, vivacious, warm, wonderful, wild, wholesome, young, etc. If you looking for sex only with no commitment make it clear at the beginning.

Good to know, photo worth more than 1000 words. If you worry about your privacy, cover your face. You don’t need to go to professional photographer, use your webcam, or cell phone, or your digital camera. Very easy to make a photo today.

swinger womanSwingers No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Basically it is pretty simply really. It’s salesmanship! You are trying to capture your targeted audiences attention in a field that is flooded with very competitive competition.

The best ads in any field are attractive to the eye, clever, and well written. They are not rushed, gimmicky, or run of the mill.

Define your search parameters and then compare those parameters with what others are seeking. In other words read their profiles carefully and look to see how what they are looking for compares to what you have to offer.

Taking the shotgun approach (spraying a flock with pellets hoping to hit something) is not really much of a sound tactical strategy on an erotic dating website…

As it’s been said, at above good photos make the profile stand out and since variety is the spice of life, post a few and make sure they are good shots. Just a dick or pussy picture will not do it! Do that only, if you want to run with the herd. If somebody want to see your genital, that person will ask you, and than you can decide to send a photo, or don’t…

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How to respond to others ad:
First read their profile. Very carefully and check all the words. The best word by word. When you are finished and think the description what the ad looking for is you, send your answer. Of course if someone looking for a couple and you are a single men, it is not the best idea to answer.

Never be rude:
If someone is responding to your ad you should answer too, even if your answer will be no thanks. The only time when you are not rude if somebody writes to you, and he/she is not even close what you are looking for. Example: If you are looking for girl for NSA sex, and some bi male contact you, you wont be rude if ignore his mail.

Adult Dating Rules:
There are a lot adult dating rules. Who ever wrote the ad , created the profile- made the rules. Take it or leave it. If she is looking for a maximum 30 years old non smokers, and you are 55 and heavy smokers – don’t even waste your time to write response. Wont work.

The above tips’ list is almost endless, how to write an how to respond to an ad, but if you keep in your mind what you read above, your change to find someone will be pretty big.
When my wife walks into the swingers sex party, she takes on a whole new type of lady. She is always the first to be running around in a bra and garter belt. Watching her, really turns me on.

Ida and I have been swinging for five years now and we host our own erotic party at least once a month. Click here for the rest of the story and check out the related photos.

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