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I wish you a Merry Christmas, preferable a very erotic one, with a lot of fun. I know Christmas is a family Holiday, but what about a single girl like me.

Adult Dating Canada's Xmass wish

I am student and can’t go home for Christmas, my family lives far a way. A lot of girls and even some married women like me, hope the best…

I believe there is a Santa Clause and hi is spreading his magic today. I wish I wrote a mail to him, and ask someone for tonight, but I did not.

But there is always  a hope. I hope he will bring me a bad boy from his  naughty list…

If my photo get your attention, there are few more… Do you wanna be the one from Santa’s Naughty list?

Check my profile out and you will find my contact info there too…

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Being alone at Christmas’ Eve is a very good reason to masturbate, but there can be other reason too.

A lot of women fantasize about casual sex at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Continue Reading… 

How To Host a New Years Eve Adult Themed Party

New Years Eve is just around the corner. If you have nowhere to go, you might host your own party, and if you want to go a step further, than host your own erotic New  Years Eve party.

If you do it right, your party will be a hit, that is almost guaranteed.  However you have to make your homework, to make that party a really memorable New Years Eve party.

play couplePlay Couple Looking for Playmate for New Year’s Eve

You need to invite the right people. In fact, the most important factor is the people with ability and willingness to participate in an adult party which might end up in casual sex. Casual sex is not for everyone, so if you are thinking about hosting an adult party you have to know people who will participate in your party. The next thing to decide is what sort of a party you want to have.

Some parties are for couples only, some are mixed, some like orgies, and some have playrooms for fun, some use the whole house and some are organized in a hotel room. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you have to deal with.

Before you do anything, you have to find a location. Host a adult party in your own home is not a good idea. The best place would be a hotel suite, with two – three rooms. One room should be dedicated to “play room”. So you have the location, than you need willing people.

The First Step Is The Invitation

Most people really want to go to a kinky party, but more or less conscious mental barriers stop them from going for what they want. Help them. Make it clear they can leave at any time. Or you can invite experienced party goers only, but there are a lot of people who are looking for new partners to party with all the time, and they can be a lot of fun. If you would like to have a really good party you should invite people with nsa sex experience and people who are curious first timers (new bie).

From this point you have to concentrate a little more on the first timers. They have to know that, you are inviting them to an erotic adult party. Probably they will have a lot of things in their mind. You have to explain to them there is nothing to be scared of NO means NO. Ask them what do they got to lose? If they are really serious they will accept your invitation because they don’t want to wonder about what could have happened if they had the courage to go.

Usually first timers will not leave the party. They have never participated in one and they cannot know what it is like. They are there for a reason, most likely they have an erotic fantasy and they will probably give it a try to make that  fantasy happen. For this reason you should let invite first timers to the event even if they beforehand declare that they are not going to do too much.  However ask them to confirm the attendance.

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Adult themed parties should be held late in the night. At late night people have calmer energy, and are more in the mood for pleasure. To make the party successful even at late night, there should be about the same number of male and female participants. It is a very bad idea to invite more males then females. However it might happen some couples would like to bring their “boy toy”. You have to be careful with extra men. Its okay, but let them know they coming together and leaving together and the boy toy has to stick with them.

Extra males might create intrigues (especially if they never participated in a party like yours) and intrigues are very destructive to the party. You don’t want a couple to leave; because one of the extra man doesn’t behave in a proper way. On the other hand some women’s fantasy is to make love with two men at once. You do not necessarily need an extra guy for this, even if you have two couples at present….

Alcohol Intake – Alcohol or Sex…

To parties like this people usually bring they own drink. Many people feel more self confident if they drink a little alcohol. Little alcoholic beverage is okay, but you do not need drunk people on your party.  Something go bad and people will blame the alcohol, easy to blame alcohol. And in addition, critical thoughts are silenced while the sex drive is amplified.

Therefore alcohol can destroy your party. Drunken people often behave badly, and that may make other people leave.

Go Slowly – Very Slowly

To help people overcome their own mental barriers, you should make sure that the action is slow. Everybody must want to go further some time before they actually do. Everybody should be horny and everybody should turned on. If someone gets into right to the action, for example goes directly from massage to penetration, others may start to think “I don’t want to do that!” Participants who rush destroy everybody else’s mood. The whole group should be do the same sort of things at the same time in the party’s early hour. Which can be talk, dance socialize, get to know each others.

Encourage the slowest. Hold back the quickest. Even if everybody is ready to go straight to the action, you should hold back. The longer you hold back the sexual energy, the stronger it will be when you let it loose.

At some point, unexpected things will happen. Let them happen. Do not disturb the group unless something or someone is threatening the entire party.

Starting Activities

You might start with playing games. Laughing together makes people ease up and creates a friendly atmosphere. Use games that for example include being blindfolded and holding hands. Dancing while being blindfolded and find out who is your dance partner etc.

Or strip poker. The losers have to take off a piece of their clothe. Do not use games in which the losers must leave the room. That would only make them passive.

People usually want things, that they cannot have. Therefore, if you play a game nobody should partnering with her/his permanent partner. This will make them start to talk with each other.

Click here or on the above images to see erotic swingers party pictures.

Erotic Games

The most difficult part of any erotic party, is how to start the erotic part. You can start with erotic games, like the one I mentioned above. Or give a four-handed massage for somebody. For example two ladies give a massage for one man, and then opposite way. At once have to start to play somehow. This is why you should invite experienced couple. They will know how and when to start to get serious.

There are thousands of erotic party games, you just need to google it.

It might happen, by now someone was leaving. It is okay anybody have a right to leave at any time. If somebody walks out you should tell the others he/she or they chickened out. This might stop others to leave. However if nobody leave your party yet, probably they will not leave until the end, because serious erotic activities might started around them.

People love sex, that’s why they are at your sex party and they will not leave until they haven’t try why they are there.

First Time Adult Party Goers

First timer couples and ladies who do not participates in the actual sex, should be allowed to come and look into play room, (if you have play room) even if they declared that they are not going to do too much (they may try!).

Single men with out sex partner should not be in this room. No expectation!

You should try to make your sex party an aesthetic event, to avoid the porn feeling. Is sex party aesthetic and sensual? Or is it a cool party? Or an expression of raw, sexual lust to fulfill the participant erotic fantasy…

Like anything else in the life what is aesthetic and cool for one that is disgusting for others.

Sex With Multiple Sex Partners

adult swingers datingSex With Multiple Sex Partners

A lot of people think sex with multiple partners is immoral. They should not judge anybody, until they didn’t try it. Some others believe, they have only one life and they want to enjoy it to the max.

Hard Core Sex Party

Participation in a hard core sex party should be your own decision. Is it a swingers sex party? Than you should know swinging is much more then sex… but no commitment sex is a important part of it! Also not every swingers party is a hard core sex party. Plus in some countries illegal to organize and held on-premises parties (which is mean intercourse allowed on the premises) and in some others illegal to organize in a public place in a restaurants or in a hotel room. If you would like to have information how to organize a “regular” swingers party check out this web page.

End Here At The End

You never plan the end of the party. It will end, whenever it ends. Usually not until the next morning, when everyone used all of their sexual energy….

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Erotic Holiday Party Tips

Are you want to be wild at the Holiday Season?

You can be. Two ways  to go…

Host your own erotic party, or find a wild sex party. Sex parties are organized by people either for profit or fun. If you would like to participate in somebody else’s erotic party (for fun) in our member’s section you will find upcoming parties and events posted by members. If you don’t feel like creating your own party, then feel free to join someone else’s!

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Check our partners website out for Erotic Holiday party list.  You can find adult themed party in the Holiday season almost in every big Canadian city and of course every city in US too.

Other type of sex parties are run by adult clubs for profit.  Adult clubs or often  name swingers club will charge an entrance fee which can very expensive in the Holiday Season, specially at New Years Eve. Erotic swingers parties are divided into two categories, on premise and off premise meaning sex allowed or disallowed on the premise. If intercourse allowed on the premise, the entry fee will be even higher.

On premises sex parties are illegal in many countries but were legalized in Canada in December 2005. Previous to it was legal only in the privacy in somebody’s home. A group of open minded couples and some selected singles gathered at one person’s house and what ever have happened there, it’s have happened for fun…. Men and women love to have fun in our sex centric world.

It shouldn’t be surprising that women participate in erotic parties for fun, they have erotic fantasies also. Sometimes, they are more sexual than men’s. Women often fantasies having sex with strangers. Having sex with a complete stranger takes away the pressure. They feel like they don’t have a standard they have to live up to, since they won’t be coming back for seconds. Women engage in this type of sex because they feel that they won’t be judged.

Around New Years Eve more women fantasias about sex than men – even about group sex. Check them out here.

Group sex can be exciting for any woman, if she into this kind of  sex play. I don’t mean that they want to get “destroyed” by several horny men. Women tend to like the idea of a bunch of nude people together having sex with their partners, unless of course, if they like to have sex with multiply sex partners.

If you decide to host your own erotic party, you can find a lot of “How To Host Your Erotic Party” information on our personal website.

Wild Erotic Holiday Party

Please keep reading if you decide to join someone else’s erotic party. If you would like to have a wonderful time, while you party, you should:

Show up by the time. If you are late, you might not get in. Erotic parties often happens behind close doors. You can leave at any time, but if you are late, nobody going to open the door for you.

Dress appropriately. Appropriate stand for suitable, proper. Blue jeans is not suitable for New Years Eve erotic party. Ladies can dress as sexy as they dare. They can show as much skin as much they want, however nobody have to. Wear something that make you feel comfortable as well as sexy. Guys should wear dress pants.

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Circulate in the rooms and mix and mingle with many people. If you just try to chase down the sexiest couple, you might have to go home… with out sexual satisfaction. Make contact and talk with a lot of people. However you should not talk about your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Talk about life and maybe Holidays. Show you are interested in some erotic play, but don’t start the conversation talking about sex. The sex talk will come later.

Don’t drink to much. This party supposed to be a sex party, not a drinking party.

Remember, New Years Eve’s erotic parties usually organized for couples. In some cases limited single guys can attend. However either you are single or part of the couple, you can have a great time only if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have an attitude). Be yourself, be real and socialize. If you are a man ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband, boyfriend or partner for permission to ask his lady partner to dance with.

Talk to her man and be friendly with him too, if he doesn’t like you, you’re not getting anywhere with his lay. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry. If it is a couples game, all four of you have to find attractive the others.

If you are a single man, play with a couple will be even harder. Visit our  partners “Single Men and NSA Sex” page for more info.

Erotic Christmas

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