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We got a very interesting e-mail from a female reader. She has some problems with her husband’s role playing habits. Actually we are not sex therapist, so we are, not sure why she emailed us, in fact I am even not sure it is really on-going true happenings with her, or she just created it.

However either way, it worth 2 minutes from anyone times (who into adult dating)   to read he message.

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She wrote it:

I found your web site after searching through my husband’s search history on his computer. Yes, that might sound bad but it isn’t. I don’t care if he looks at porn or sex pictures, I look at them some times with him  and they turn me on. I was looking for a website that I had visited a few days ago and I noticed he visited here. I was curious about what your site was all about. I think you guys have a great site for people who are into  adult dating and adult dating related plays.

Actually I am not sure what exactly he was looking for here, because he can get as much sex as much he wants at home. He is very healthy, in fact can’t be any healthier, therefore he is often horny and  ready for sex at any given time. Anyway, here is my problem. I hope you can give me some advice.

My husband likes to wear costumes in bed. Let me put it differently, he likes to wear them when we have sex. He usually stock up on the cheap ones on sale after Halloween. I’m open to the idea of this, but these cheap costumes made from cheap plastic very cheaply, and they sometimes cut me. He cut my vagina once when has was wearing one of those plastic masks while he gave me oral sex.

I don’t mind the costumes, well I kind of do. I don’t like them because they are cheap and because he feels weird in them. I don’t wear them, he only he does. The plastic outfits don’t feel right on my skin.  As I said before these costumes are the cheap ones that  all made from synthetic materials.

Sometimes they come with fake hair, but that is another story. He buys them in the Dollarama.

Once again, for reading my email, I like your website, so much, I have recommended it to my girlfriend.  She told me something wrong with her husband sex drive. He isn’t into love making anymore. I thought they were going to break up, but she found a guy to screw her together with her husband every now and then.

I am not sure it is right or not. Sometimes I fantasize to get screwed by two guys at once… and in that fantasy, I would not mind to wear a costume.

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As I said we are not sexologist, but your messages got my attention and I Googled your mail’s subject. Actually you could do the same… just Google it. Anyway I found a website, and they have an on-line adult dating magazine, there are few similar posts. Check them out, several people responded with several different  ideas.

Here is what  our stuff and I suggest to you.

I would ask him what type of costume turns him on the most. Then I would go to your local costume or adult store or it might be a Fetish store. Yes, there are costume and fetish shops still around. Look in your phone book or search the world wide web. At these shops they will have better costumes. Some of them might actually be made right there in the shop. Some places do this in case you need the costume changed to fit you perfectly.

I would go through the store and find one that he likes. Make sure it doesn’t have plastic or sharp metal parts or anything that can cut you. If you can get silk or crushed velvet, that would be the best. That will feel good against your skin. This might sound a little weird, but I would suggest to him that you also get one. Maybe because he is into the whole costume thing, he might be into you wearing one and you said you would not mind the have a  three way if you are in a costume, so you can consider this like a practice… Practice makes perfect, you never know, you might will have a wild night of sex with you hubby.

Unless this is something that he always does, I wouldn’t get too worried about it. Be more worried about the health hazards from the cheap costumes. If he is doing it once or twice a month, it is just a fetish, or erotic role-play. We all have some kind of kinky thing in our mind that we might  try to do, and that is completely normal. Of course there are some borders, that no should cross, but lets not go there now.

If you are already having a good sex life, don’t let his role play practice  stop you. Embrace it for all its worth. It could be something else that makes your sex life good. Never knock something until you try it!

About the second part of your email. If I were you I would not worry about your girlfriend’s preferences with men, but if it really does bother you, you can try to do something about it. I am not sure how open minded are you, but if you really worry about her, why don’t you do something more than give her advice. You wrote that you thinking about having a threesome and your husband is ready for sex at any time. Her husband and she already experienced  in your fantasy sex play, so  ask her to help you out, and you fix two problems at once.

Talk with your hubby and talk with your girlfriend. For starters organize a Back to School  costume party together, this time of the year that Back to school erotic parties are all over, but if you do not need a reason for partying, than make  a party in sexy costume. I am sure your husband is going to like that. If you think this is way is too much, you should suggest to her to visit the same erotic on-line dating magazine, that I  suggested to you, and she will find a lot of sex life related tips and advises, what to do and how to do…

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If you do not want to partying with your girlfriend and with her husband, than you just need to find a few wanna be party animal guys. Its easy to find, students moved to colleges and universities, so you just need to go somewhere  close to colleges and or universities, or visit bars that these students like to visits. If it does not work for you, then you need to search the Internet, for example our partner – sponsor’s members here.

Hope it will work out for you…


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