Shave your pussy or do not

Some women are kinky, some others kinkier. I think all of us have some readiness  to be kinky  deep inside us, but some of us denies it… For example not to long ago, genital hair shaving considered kinky sexual activity.

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Is it really kinky? If a women keep her pussy nice and clean and shaved, that would make her a kinky woman? I don’t think so.

The lady at left on the photo, consider herself a kinky woman  and if you take god look at her genital area, you realized her vulva is not shaved. Therefore shaved pussy and kinky sex not the same thing, but shaving a pussy can be a kinky sexual activity.

What men like to play with, hairy or shaved pussies? This question is like a ghost, just keeps coming back. There is no one world answer to this question, but usually men want to get what they can’t get or what they did not have yet.

There are so many tastes, likes and dislikes, that no any  woman can please everyone. Therefor if you are a woman, you just need to concentrate on how to please your man, of course  it applies to men too. If you are a man, your first priority should  be to please your female partner, spouse, wife, etc., or sooner or later someone else   will try to plea her.

Does not matter you are into casual dating or not, either way, the most important thing is what your permanent partner or husband like, so you just be yourself because that is what you partner like or love in you. You do not change to please any man.

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 But you should know a lot of ladies in our open sexuality world fix (trim) and clean (shave as they shave their legs) their genital area from pubic hair,  and most of the men don’t mind that at all. Just because her pussy shaven, it does not mean she is a slut, but  it can mean she is clean and worry about hygiene.

Than Comes Oral Sex

Oral sex is popular and a lot of man like to perform oral sex on a nice clean pussy, they don’t like pussy hair in their mouth. A lot of men state it: A neatly trimmed and lightly shaved pussy is the way to go.

If your pussy hair is long trim it first with scissors or with an electric beard trimmer. At that place where you want it shave, take off that much hair as much is possible with the scissors. It will make the razor’s job much easier. After trimming you should take a shower or a bath. The warm water will soften up the pubic hair. Use shaving jelly and a very sharp new razor every time. Always move the razor in the direction that the hair grows. If you shave in the opposite direction, in-grown hair may occur, which cause redness, bumps and small scabs. If you have sensitive skin, you should apply medicated shaving lotion after the shave. It will keep your skin smooth and won’t let develop bumps.

Some women trims their pubic hair, than wax it afterward. In almost every beauty shop you can buy stuff for bikini wax. However if you never waxed your genital area, it can be very painful at the first time. If you can not handle pain but want to have a nice smooth beaver, you should try to shave it. Use your imagination and design your pubic hair the way how you like it.

Remember, what works for one might not work for others. Some ladies use bump stopper for sensitive skin. This cream is very popular in the US, but hard to get in Canada. I saw it only on Amazon…  A lot of black people use it. They have a lot of shaving related skin problems and this substance helps them.

Also some ladies apply only DOVE original deodorant on after shaving and they believe (from their own experience) DOVE is the best staff to keep your pussy smooth and silky.

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As you probably already know, our  hair grows all the time. In only a few days pass by and it starts to get itchy, it means time to shave again. Shaving can be fun. You can do it with your partner. With females – or males it doesn’t matter. The easiest way, is to lay back and relax, spread you legs as far apart as you can to give your partner the best access and view. I forget to mention that, it can be very erotic and kinky.

So what about men? Should they shave their genital area?

Men and oral sex – on the receiving end.

At first, the penis body has no hair on. The testicles  might have some hair on and around them, so a little trimming and, maybe  some shaving wont hurt any men, if want experience great oral sex. I don’t think any women want to have hair ball in their mouth, so to clean up the testicles not that bad idea.

Than there is the hygienic, its easy to clean keep the genital area if the hair is short. Men or women, make difference, long pubic hair will small easy, special in a warm summer day.

Again the most important thing what your partner and you like. If she likes it bald, shave it off, but most of the women don’t like a bald cock. They say bald cocks are too gay. So the best way to go, trim it nicely and maybe shave the ball’s area.


What do you prefer, shaved or hairy pussy?