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What kind of men women like? Older men with money, or a younger attractive man? Before any misunderstanding, a lot of women after men with money, but money is not everything.  If a young lady find a wealthy older man,  she will say, age is just a number. Yeah right, age is just a number, if he is wealthy… but sooner or later she will need someone younger.  She wants a younger man, a confident man who knows how to make her happy. This type of women are into casual dating.

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How can you find her? With a little luck and with some work any young man can find a lady like I described  at above. What  I going to tell you here is apply to any women, who are into dating, not just women who lives with old rich man.

You can date a woman only, if she likes you. How do  you know she likes you?

How many times have you ran into an attractive woman? You can run into her by visiting on-line dating websites or in a bar or in a nightclub. The location does not make any difference, but if you want to date someone, you have to meet her sooner or later face to face.

Than comes  the first meting, or lets call it first date. How many times have you had a first date, when you talked to her and wondered if she is interested in you?

Something like this happens with me a lot. I talk with women every day, a lot of women, some of them are attractive, some others less attractive, some of them are very attractive and few of  them are more then very attractive. How can I know, if she would not mind to get to know me better?

I used to wonder about this day and night.  Seriously, how can a man know if a woman is interested in him? For example in my case,  I don’t want to end up looking like a fool and ask her out and she turns me down in a sec. I been there, down that.

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Here is a little story.  Men usually wouldn’t tell you  story like this, but I am a different kind of man…  So one Friday night I decided,  I go out and have few drinks. It was the end one of those weeks where all I did was work. I needed some drinks. Women wasn’t in my mind, but I am single and if she will cross my way, well  I wasn’t going to run a way.

I sat down to the bar and I order a beer. I drank about half of it and watched the hockey game on the television. All of a sudden a group of about five hot babes came down and sat next to me.  They all were wearing hot little outfits that made their boobs and legs very “appetizing”…

I drank one more beer and I got relaxed. I thought I would exchanges few words with them. Hell, there is five of them, and never know, one of them was a very sexy middle aged brunette, I got her few times to checked me out with her eyes. I started off by doing some simple magic tricks, from my high school time, the one where you find a quarter behind  someone ear.

Then one point I bought them a drink, then they got me few more. We were all laughing and having a good time, like someone who knows each other since early childhood. I asked them to dance, one after one and they were all rubbing up against me. I’m not much of a dancer, but when I get a few beers in me, then dance knowledge doesn’t matter.

About two hour later all of us where close to being drunk. I was feeling like super man at the middle of  five hot women. Than I decided to ask the hot brunette to  exchange phone number.  She looked me like she just seen a dead racoon on the side of the highway. Then out of no where, all of them started laughing at me. I am 6’2 tall but shrink  to 4’5 in a sec.  I asked them, what is do funny, why they were laughing. Out of no where the brunette said she thought I was a geek.

I tried to make up some jokes to lighten the situation, but I could see that I was going no where. It felt everyone in the bar was laughing at me, not with me. So I said sorry ladies, I need to go and left. Since that time I have learned my lesson and I will share with you my knowledge. If you read them hopefully, you won’t get embarrassed like I did.

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At first, you have to be confident. Women does not turn down a confident man instantly, they might, but they listen you at first.   If a confident man talk with a woman, let say you are that confident man and  you are talking to a woman in a bar or in night club or at a house party and she constantly touches you, chances are she wants more than just a conversation. This doesn’t mean that you are going to take her home that night, but it might mean that you have the potential in the near future to explore her body, but I wouldn’t count on it.

If she hangs around you all the time it might mean she is interested. If her girl friends go to the dance floor and she sticks near you to talk to you, that is a good sign.

Than the bar close and she suggest  to go somewhere to a 24 hours coffee shop, that is a good sign, but still there is no guaranty. She might just be a polite lady, or she lives close to that coffee shop and doesn’t want to go home alone. You should except her invitation.

Than you and her talk over  a coffee and if she talks about sex, that is a very positive thing. Sometimes a woman will talk about a bad lover or that she hasn’t been touched in a while. This means that she is definitely interested in you. However here is a catch, you as a man,  should not talk about sex on your first date. If you do so, she will think you are looking for an object to put something somewhere in…

Just let her run the show. If she wants something she will make it crystal clean. She will make sexual comments to you. She doesn’t tell you how nice your blue jeans are, but instead tells you how well they fit on your ass.  This is a  sign, she might go  farther.

She offers you some gum. If she offers you some gum while you are at the bar while she puts some in her mouth, chances are she is getting ready to do some kissing.

If she is watching your lips. Most people look someone in the eyes when they are being talked to. If she is looking at your lips, it means she wants you bad. If of course you are in a loud place, she might just be reading your lips because she can’t hear you very well.

Then she is watching your genital area. I am sure she does not check your blue jeans color out in details, instead she try to figure something else out. From this point you can start to seriously flirt with her. If you don’t know how you can flirt, find some tips here if you keep reading.

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Here you go my friend. Now you won’t be making the same mistake I made. You can use these tips to get to know her better, maybe get her into you bedroom  in no time.

Of course,  these signs might mean nothing. Everything is depends on the situation She might just test  you, or just playing with you. It is like a hunting game. You are the hunter, but you should not let her feel, like you try to hunt her down.  You just  be polite and very confident.

If you go this far with any woman and you are being confident, that is more than half success.  Women like  confident men, men who act like a man supposed too.

G-Spot Orgasm

You can be a male or a female, either way, to have excellent love life your sexual organ(s) should be healthy and your hormone activity should be in “good working condition”. Your love life excellent only if you and your lover, sex partners are satisfied. When things get to serious and love making or sex comes to satisfying sex, men and women are not the same.

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Erotic visual things, body parts can turn men on and can give enough sexual energy to have an erection, to perform a intercourse and to have an orgasm. If this does not happen, than you need to see a health care professional to find solution for your problem.

A woman’s mind works differently when and if the subject is love making or casual sex, for them to see or  watch erotic things or sex plays are not enough (but might help). Ladies need to have chemistry, they need to get into the mood, need to be “turned on” before they consider erotic play. Someone is turned on, when want to make love, want to have sex.

Chemistry only wont make any woman aroused. Her partner knowledge plays a larger role in arousal, in her orgasm and her sexual satisfaction. If you are a man and if you want to make your spouse or sex partner’s love life, sex life satisfying, you really need to know what you do when time comes to make her satisfied.

I am not going to talk about, how to turn a woman on here on this page. Instead I will talk about the G-Spot.

G spot orgasmAdvice on G-spot Orgasm

G-spot Orgasm

If you are a sexually active man, probably you would like to know everything about female orgasm. Experienced men knew, the biggest and the best female orgasm is the G-spot orgasm. G-spot is stand for Grafenberg Spot after gynecologist, Ernest Grafenberg. He was the first who realized how important is that spot in women’s vagina to reach a mind blowing  orgasm.

Some scientists still do not believe in G-spot orgasm, not even in G-spot. In fact they say, there is no such a thing like G-spot. Well, they are definitely not females, or of they are, than they should talk about women who have experienced G-spot orgasm. Those women know from their own experience, G-spot is real and it can make wonders in erotic plays.

How Can you Find The G-spot?

She lies on her back with slightly open legs. Insert two fingers (first and the second) into her vagina, point them upwards. About five centimeters from the belly button, but her tallness, her vagina and belly button “location” effects this 5 cm. Anyway around 5 cm from her belly button, try to  apply light pressure on the vagina wall. There are more then one way to know, you found the right spot. At first your partner feel need to urinate like pressure. Be careful, if you do this and perform oral sex in the same time, because a lot of woman ejaculate from G-spot orgasm (squirt). Some of them squirt out up to 2 cups worth at a time, and if you are down there, when this happens, than your face will get really messy…

G Spot OrgasmMore G-spot Info

A healthy woman vagina should feel soft and smooth inside. When the G-spot is being simulated, that smooth vagina begins to feel harder and ridged.

The best way to stimulate the G-spot is: Form your inserted fingers into a V shape and bend them into a hook, so the top of your finger tips touch the vagina ‘s wall. Put a light pressure on the vagina wall and turn your hand, left and right in move a bit back and for. You should not move your fingers all the way out and should not poke them all the way in.

Remember, you do not want to finger fuck her, you would like to give her a G-spot orgasm, but to do so, you have to find her G-spot first. If you did she will moan. Right now is time to put a light pressure on that magic spot and massage it slightly.

Once you found her G-spot, don’t stop. She will need some time to achieve orgasm. The pressure, the moving motion, the speed and the lubrication are important factors, so you might have to spend some time down there if you want to make her day… The good news is, if you do it right, she wont mind it. She will experience feelings, that she never felt before during other sex plays.

G-spot and Sex Toys

You might not be succeed at the first time. If she lies on her stomach you pressing her vagina down, toward to what ever she lies on, and what ever is that, it will give support for your fingers. This doesn’t sound to romantic, but definitely very erotic activity.

If you can’t succeed with your finger, you should try with sex toys. There are several specially banded G-spot vibrators available to buy in every adult store. The vibrator part to stimulate her clitoris. G-spot and clitoral orgasm one after the other going to make her scream from the joy….

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Even if you have the best G-spot vibrator or even if your fingers are very educated and you have the best G-spot reaching technique, it might not be enough.

Your partner emotional and mental states are more important than all of the above. Your partner has to feel relaxed and she should be comfortable. She also should be turned on enough to get her vagina naturally wet. If you poke into her dry vagina, she never going to have an orgasm.

She should go to the washroom, before you start to play with her G-spot, so if she feels the need to urinate, then you will know, you do it right.

A sex partner with love making knowledge knows that he can also reach the G-spot with his penis, although this is a bit trickier than just moving a finger around. You and your lady must try a couple of different positions in order to find those that allow you to give the G-spot a good rubbing.

Doggy style comes to mind, because the penis can rub against that sensitive patch of flesh both when going in and when pulling out. Of course, the positions featuring the woman on top are also very good because the lady can adjust the angle of insertion to make sure that the penis takes the correct route.

So there you have them, the three options, if you would like to put some twist into your regular sex. There’s probably no better way of pleasing a woman that full stimulation of both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Men should not be ashamed to ask the ladies to help them locate the G-spot, especially since the ladies will certainly be eager to help. After all, it’s in their best interest, however not all women enjoy G-spot pressure and G-spot sensation.

The key element is communication. Your partners keep telling you, she is not in the mood, If this happens, than you do not do the right things… Than you need to educate yourself and practice, Practice makes it perfect.

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