Men want sex, women know this…

Some women are like flypaper and you do not want to be a fly. I am sorry to say this, but it is true and sometimes true things hurt the most. Like the flypaper with the flies, they will try to catch you with their sweet scent. They fill your mind full of false hope. Then you are trapped, before you know it.

You are stuck in it, or in her sweet body and it is harder than hell to break free. Like flypaper for the flies, when a woman traps you in this deep, it is hard to get away from.

Some women think that men are the great liars of the world. They think men will say anything to get in their pants. This is true, but at least its temporary. Those flypaper type women on the other hand, will lie to trap you in. You lie because you want a piece of ass, they lie because they want to trap you.

Women thinks men tend to be suckers, and some men are…

Women know this. They know that when a hot babe with a nice boobs or ass walks by a guy, she has his full attention. If she bends over his eyes are plastered to her ass.

There are a large selection of women looking for men for marriage and relationship and nsa sex, but you us a man, you need to use your head… At first you have to ask yourself, why she is looking for online? They can be many legitimate reason and there are women who are real, honest and their reasons are real and they are into online dating.

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But there are women, who looking for suckers… You do not believe me? Try it yourself. Next time you go to the mall find a woman who has a nice set of boobies. Follow her around for a little bit. You will end up of seeing a ton of men who can’t keep their eyes off of her. This same woman could probably ask 75% of those men out on a date and they would accept. The first thing they are thinking about is her nice set of tits. They don’t care if she can’t carry a conversation more than a few sentences long.

I am sure, this same woman could ask those men to buy her things and she would find men to do it. It proves some men are suckers. They live by the rule of their penis. It is pretty simple, smart women know this.

Even if they not that smart, they will try to smart men out. Don’t fool yourself, they know men are after a piece off ass. It is no secret, it is in men’s DNA, every women know this. They have been using this knowledge for millions of years. They aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Women use their body and sex to draw in a man.

If she wants to marry you, she will do it at all costs. She will open her legs and give you the best sex you have ever had. I have seen this happen.

You meet a girl and you are just friends.

After a month or so, you realize that all you want is a friendship. In her mind she wants more, a lot more. She asks you if you want to have sex and she rocks your world. The next morning she gives you oral and makes you breakfast. Before lunch she offers you anal sex and wins your heart over. The perfect woman right? All of a sudden you begin to change your mind about this woman. Before she was your friend, now that you have felt her tight ass, you have different thoughts. Before long, she will have you in hook, line, and sinker. She will have you eating out of her hand.

All of it started with her ass.

She was a friend, but when there was sex involved, things were different. When she gave you oral while driving down the road, she all of a sudden wasn’t friend anymore, well, maybe kind of sex friend. You see that woman use sex to divert the men’s attention. They know if they please the guy sexually, they have him. It is the truth. No any horny guy going to turn down a good lay. Well, maybe gay guys, but that is another topic all together.

When you decide that you want to marry your sexfriend who now rocks your word sexually, you need to keep a clear mind. This is the most important time of the relationship. You have to base your next move on your real feeling and not on your penis. It may save you a lot of money when it comes divorce time.

If you are marrying her because she is a nice piece off as, here are some things to keep in mind. It might happen her nice ass, after you get married will turn to be wide ass. Married women sometimes get fat. Yes, its sad but true. This hot piece of ass might get as fat as a cow and she will look like a shadow of her old self. If this happens with wife, their husband always shocked by it. If you can keep an erection while looking at overweight woman’s ass, then you are more of a man than I am. Are you still want to married her? Just because her hot ass… you shouldn’t…

However an ass is an ass, does not matter it is a  hot sexy ass or a big fat ass, just because her ass, you should not make up your mind  married or don’t. There are many other things in a woman that you decision should based on.

One things is sure, small ass or big ass,  sex will dry up. You heard it here first. Every married man knows what this is like.

Before you get married, she was your sex friend, you screw her all the time or she is riding on you when ever is possible. You screw watching television, you screw in the shower, you screen on the back porch while taking the dog out to piss.

Than she became a lover, and this is great, but all of this sex will become nothing more than a memory. You will be lucky to get it twice a week if that.

Forget those times where she spent an hour to make her face up only to have it ruined in the heat of the moment. Now you are thinking about hire a escort to have sex with. If you are lucky she will brush her teeth before you kiss her in the morning. You will consider that to be great sex life, even though before you married her you performed anal sex on her, while she was bent over the washing machine during laundry day.  That was thought to be great sex, and that is in the past, if you are not smart enough.

Be smart and evaluate why you want to get married.

If she lured you in with great sex, don’t do it. There is more great sex out there. The sex will end and you will become unhappy. There is no way around it. If you choose to get suckered into this kind of marriage, I would suggest you get your subscription to and find a sexy Asian woman after your honey moon. You will need to look and find someone, since you won’t be getting any real pussy that easy anymore.

If you wanna be slipper, go head and married her and she going to forces you to kiss her ass a rest of your life.

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Four Basic First Date Moves

Few things in life can be so intimidating as a first date. Intimidating  or not, the first impression is very important. You have to be confident to make a goof first impression.

Especially when going in blindly, with only a few exchanged emails or telephone calls, video chat. Without careful planning, the tension of a first meeting can cause a potentially compatible couple to spontaneously combust in twenty minutes or less.

Think about it. You’d never enter a job interview without preparation and attention to detail. Why should love be any different? You can’t just wing it, or you’re doomed to fail.

Strategy counts on romantic battlefield too.

So pay careful attention to these four basic first-date moves, and the first introduction could lead to love.

romantic datingMake your approach

As I said above, the first impression is important. Video chat or swap at least a couple photos before making plans to meet. Because you’ve got plenty of stress ahead for the evening, why worry about approaching the wrong person or missing your date entirely?

It’s no shock that most people choose their best shot for a profile and may look slightly different offline. Be prepared for two problems that may arise: Mistaken preliminary attraction and many awkward moments spent scanning the faces of complete strangers.

Before you go, make sure you know your date’s true identity. Give details on how to find each other, reveal your clothing plans, top your duds with a bright tie or scarf.

Talk to me

You’ve set aside time to spend with a relative stranger, so how do you plan to spend it? Talk! Regardless of whether or not the attraction translates from online to off, be friendly, be attentive and be inquisitive. Arm yourself with tons of questions about career, hobbies, and interests. When your date reciprocates with a query of his or her own, go out of your way to avoid one-word responses. Don’t be shy; don’t hold back. You’re there to learn about one another, so open up and start talking.

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Get down to business

If you’re the type to typically clam up in the face of potential love, I highly suggest you partake in what I dub the distraction date. At all costs, avoid dinner and drinks. Stay away from coffee shops, and go nowhere near a quiet park. Save these venues for later dates when you’ve regained your talent for talk. Instead, try something sporty like miniature or Frisbee golf, batting cages or bicycling.

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If not a jock, try a course in dancing, pottery painting or a trip to the museum. Keep busy, and your date will never know you’re at a loss for words.

Focus on the finale

The parting moment can be nearly as perplexing as the initial meeting. So many thoughts are bound to overwhelm: Is my date attracted? Did I ramble on too much about work? Was my comment about current events completely asinine?

Push these worries aside for the moment and simply relax while saying goodbye. Because more than likely, your date’s got a few self-imposed bothersome thoughts too.

If all went well and no blood was shed, express your interest and be genuine about future intentions. I’d opt to avoid the first-date kiss. Instead, if the vibe’s right, go for a quick hug.

Or… Are you looking for one night stand? Than this page’s info do not apply for you…

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The Perfect Romantic Date happens Between Woman & Man, but same sex people can have perfect date too.

Dating Your Best Friend Ex Girlfriend

Okay so a certain girl has been on your mind for a while. With a personality and body that drives you wild. She’s your ideal partner, or so you think. She is available, she is single and she is not in any relationship. There is one little problem. She just happens to be your best friends ex-girlfriend.

So you ask “what do I do”?

There’s so many things to take into account before you even consider having a relationship with her. The most important one is, your best friend and you. Will she destroy your friendship or wont…

Some men can’t form a mutual trust with another man, if girls are and x’s at the subject. Some men thinks they own the girl, even if the relationship is over. If this is the case with you and your best friend, you may want to look for another girl. If the two of you have been friends since grade school why risk it over a girl?

No matter how good she is, she will never replace what you and your best friend have. Relationship might be great with her, but just might be. It did not work for you best friend, might not work for you, but she might destroy your friendship.

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A best friend is the greatest thing one can have in life. Providing you don’t try to sleep with his ex. But let’s get kinky a little!

There is another type of best friend that men have of course. Which is fun for some and sick for others. The one who you ask to join you in a threesome or compare a sexual conquest with. How do you know if he’s the same kind of best friend as above? And how do you know she will do two of you at once?

Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Maybe she is maybe she isn’t. The chances are slim to none so don’t risk it. The same best friend is also the kind who would be open to the idea of you and his ex-girlfriend as a couple. The fact of the matter is that some men have a wolf pack mentality when on the subject of women.

Men want score often and revel in the “hush hush” endorphin rush guys get when they date and make love with the same woman. One man got some nookie so he wants his pack to get some as well. Some men don’t  share anything, not even their TV’s remote control. So when the subject of their  X comes up, when real emotion is playing, the situation could become complicated.

You and his ex.

To find out the nature of his relationship with his ex, you have to be a really good judge of character. Even our best friend may not know how we feel about our ex. If you think this might be the case you should get some info. How did the relationship end? Did he dump or or vise versa? Did he love her? The most important question to find out is did he respect her?

There are some guys that are players. I would think that these guys wouldn’t really care if you went after their ex. Then again some players are very controlling and possessive towards their ex’s.

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How long has it been?

If your best friend was close with his ex, there is still a chance for you and her. The more time that has passed, the less it’s going to hurt him when you tell him that you’re interested in her. But let’s say they broke up last week and you want to make the big announcement today, watch out. But then again if he dumped her for another woman she’s free to take.

Time is a big thing for some people. Some men have a one year rule with their best friend. Which means give me sometime to get over her and then feel free to have her. While other men want their best friends to wait 6-7 years for their friends to date their x. Then there are some men who does nor care about their ex’s and you don’t bring it up. This is a strict code of honor set in stone: no matter the reasons an ex is never to be dated by a best friend. A very effective way to set things straight.

Why is it taboo?

My opinion is that a woman is not an item. So why should men care whether or not why they broke up? If you really like her and you want to pursue a nice relationship with the girl then the best friend should have nothing wrong with you dating her. No one should be held back from a relationship regardless if she/he was your best friends ex. You can’t stop who you fall in love with. That’s life.

What you should do?

If your best friend has given you his blessing, be sensitive and take your time with his ex. It might be a little awkward but sit him down and talk to him about it. Let him know how you feel about him as a best friend and tell him how you feel about her. Reassure him that you would never sacrifice your relationship for any girl. Don’t go into detail about why you have an interest in his ex. Be prepared for an extreme reaction, from rage to silence. Number one thing to remember is stay calm. Don’t blurt out things you’ll regret later.

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You, her and the new relationship.

You have your best friend blessing. Now you have to attract her. You can’t afford to make any mistake. You have risked your friendship with your best friend for a girl. You have to get that girl! Change your life today and enjoy your relationship with you body ex lady friend!