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I am a girl, my best freind is a girl and I wanted to screw her boyfriend. It is not nice at all, but hard to control my hormones…

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I began about five and a half years ago, at first, I pretty much sat by myself at home, talking with friends over the phone. It was a Friday night and I wasn’t expecting too much to happen that night, little did I know that after this night things would forever change for me.

The door opened, and to my surprise, my best friend  walked through the door along with her new boyfriend. Of course we were both happy to see each other. As we sat down to talk my eyes wandered over to her boyfriend, who stood in the open doorway looking outside.

I tried not to stare, I certainly didn’t want my friend to think I was checking out her boyfriend. But I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him, so to cover up I tried to make small talk about him…occasionally breaking my stare to look at her.

After that night, I made sure that I went out with them as much as I possibly could. I didn’t understand why I so strongly had this need to be in his presence. It wasn’t like me to be this way, but I just felt drawn to him.

Not to long after I had started to go out with them, I began to go to his house by myself. We would always sit or lay on his sofa, just talking. Oh man, did I always want more to happen. Every time I was near him I felt as if my pussy on fire. My lips longed to kiss him, my skin craved to be touched by him. Every time our eyes briefly made contact I could feel myself start to move closer to him, and every night all we would do is talk.

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We’d talk about everything… our relationships, likes and dislikes etc. Then he’d walk me home at a very late hour of the night, I’d give him a hug, and that was it. Every single night he’d walk me home I’d go straight to my bedroom and fantasize about him and masturbated. I killed a lot of batteries in my vibrator, because of him.

I played with the vibe and fantasize about he is touching me, kissing me, and fucking me. I would always cum very hard. I didn’t cut off all communication with my friend, though I did spend a lot more time with her boyfriend than I did with her. When she and I did talk about him, she didn’t seem like she cared for him too much.

I remember one time she told me that she had gone to a bar and gotten some other guy’s phone number. This made me feel not quite as bad about wanting to be with her boyfriend.

Some times I was in the middle, trying to give them both advice to make their relationship work despite my interest in him. But things just didn’t seem to be getting better. I wanted to let him know that I was interested in him, without coming right out and saying it. I figured if he had any interest in me as well, then he’d pick up on my hints and we’d go from there.

At this point my yearning for him was burning inside me so strongly it nearly consumed me.

One day, when he and I were talking on the phone, he told me that he had always fantasized about watching two females have sex together. Being curios of women myself, I saw this as an opportunity to turn him on and possibly get closer to him sexually.

So, the next day, we all went to his house. My best friend was very fond of drinking, so she did a bit of that. Afterwards we all went into his bedroom so that he could watch us play a game of truth or dare.

My friend dared me to take off all of my clothes. So, I stood up and stripped. With each piece of clothes I took off, I got more excited hoping that he was watching me, hoping that he would finally see my body and how it ached for him. I tried to look over at him to see if he was watching, but again, I didn’t want to seem too obvious to my friend. When it was my turn, I dared her to do the same, and she did.

Slowly the game started to fade away and we began to take matters into our own hands. He wanted to see us kiss, so we leaned towards each other and kissed. Our hands began to roam all over each other’s bodies, as did our mouths. Feeling each others breasts, and licking at each others skin. Things were definitely heating up! I laid back onto his bed as her mouth slowly moved down to my pussy. I arched my back as her tongue began to glide over my pussy lips, my eyes rolling back with ecstasy.

I looked over to him (he was sitting on a chair next to the bed) and was pleased to see that he was turned on.

He watched every move we made seemingly getting more and more turned on. That turned me on more than anything my friend was doing to me. I was so hot for him that I almost completely lost control of myself. I flipped my friend over so that she was now laying on the bed.

And as I proceeded to kiss all over her, I bent over leaving my legs slightly parted. My hot, dripping pussy was well exposed and quivering for his cock. I heard him get out of his chair. In the midst of my being drunk with pleasure, I glanced at him as he walked around the bed. I remember being full of anticipation… wondering if he would join us.

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He stood there at the end of the bed, getting a good look at my yearning cunt. It took every bit of self control not to scream his name or to reach over and just grab him. Maybe I should have. I was getting overloaded, my whole body throbbed for him until finally I just couldn’t take it anymore…

I shoved my fingers deep inside of my pussy. I thrust them in and out almost violently as he continued to watch. My desire to feel him inside me was so strong it almost felt as though he was actually pounding his cock in and out of my tight little twat. Needless to say I came from my fingers…

Just then, we were interrupted by another friend coming over. Our little session had ended, but the fantasy lived on. We didn’t have sex that night. However, not too long after that night we finally would have sex together. Just he and I. Not only would we have mad, passionate sex together, but as it turns out we were both madly in love with each other.

We have never been apart since that night. Now, five and a half years later, we’re still together, still madly in love, and still fucking each other like mad.

I suppose the moral of this story, if it has one, is that some fantasies can come true. They can be everything you expected them to be, and even exceed your expectations. One of the most important things I can tell you is to be honest. Be honest with your partner (or love interest) about what it is you’re fantasizing about. Be honest, but be considerate too.

adult datingFemale – Female – Male ffm Threesome

If you fantasize about having a threesome, for example, then discuss it with your partner. Express your feelings while considering their feelings as well. Talk to them in a way that they won’t be offended. Always reassure them that this fantasy of yours doesn’t in anyway effect how much you’re attracted to them.

Try to explain that they satisfy you completely, but that you want to experience a whole new level of pleasure with them. Don’t be enraged if your first conversation to your partner about your fantasy doesn’t go as expected.

Your partner may not know how to react to what you have just told them. Take things slowly. Try to work things out without getting into an argument, without getting angry. And once again, ALWAYS let your partner know how much they satisfy you.

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No string attached adult fun in Canada

I have to state it, before any misunderstanding; in the next post when I talk about adult dating, it stands for erotic adult dating or no string attached adult dating. Usually it begins with an open minded couples. A couple would like to play (erotic) with an other couple, or a husband want to share his wife with a single man.

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However there a lot of men women couples, single men and women are into no string attached adult dating for many different reasons, but the end result is the same, no string attached adult fun.

It starts with a couple, or a single persons, who are looking for couples for casual sex. Easy to find a willing couple, if you are looking for casual sex with your partner, spouse, wife or husband.

We have found a willing couple! What is next?

Meet them at a neutral setting (i.e. restaurant or lounge). This makes it much easier to leave if things don’t go well. Be on time and make sure that you have given each other specific contact information (i.e. what kind of car, dress, etc).

Prepare preset signals to communicate with your partner, such as “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, and “Let’s get the hell out of here!” Generally when you are just starting out you should never arrange for another meeting that night, this gives you and your partner time to discuss your feelings before making a commitment to the other couple.

There is one exception, you can go further on your first meeting, if you are looking for one night stand.

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 We’ve met and we want more. What we should do?

Don’t be shy, ask! Make it clear what do you want. Open conversation the best. Talk about your rules. Same room, different rooms, swap, or just, some kind of soft, erotic play, etc. Once everyone is agree, just go for it. Just remember, “NO” means NO, at any time.

I’m a single man. Is no string attached adult dating  just for couples?

Adult dating, erotic adult dating can be a lifestyle that couples enjoy to help them live out their fantasies with other adults. Singles can be involved in this, and are involved, since many couples are looking for either an extra male or female to help them live out a threesome fantasy.

What singles must remember when they are lucky enough to be involved is that it is a privilege and they must treat it as  privilege. Many of the problems single men have in trying to get into this lifestyle are brought on by themselves.

Most of them treats ladies as sluts or nymphomaniacs. Casual sex with a couple mean, the single man is their sex toy. If you can’t handle this, than play with your girlfriend only.

Why can not find girlfriend?  Oh, your girlfriend not into nsa sex? Then you shouldn’t either, or find other girlfriend. Remember, no string attached adult fun is two sided.  But if you are single and really want to get into nsa sex, keep trying. Be friendly, clean, very polite, see thinks positive and who know maybe one day you  may get what  you want.

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How should I dress for a sex party or an adult dating get together?

When I said adult dating get together, I meant; Our website have many adult groups. Some of these groups organize, adult dating get together on a monthly basics.

Your outfits depends on the get together reason.  if that reason is a erotic party, than ask your host, about the dress code.

if no dress code, than usual dress will be casual, but neat. If it will be pyjama party you should wear pyjama too. If you don’t and everyone else do,  you will be uncomfortable. But you can wear any dress, just  relax.

Usually ladies show up very sexy, they are trying to make the best impression what they can. Men  can shows up in casual wear.

But, if you plan to participate in a “swingers” party, in most of the clubs jeans and running shoes are not allowed.

Sex party, casual dressing ok. If you are serious, sooner or later you will un dress in your undies… so sexy underwear would help for ladies…

What about sexual diseases, (STD)?

There are many scary diseases, therefore anyone in casual sex should practice safe sex only. Some women’s profile states it, bare back only, or we are into penetrative sex with out condoms.

If this happens with you, than you have to think like Forrest Gump (the movie). Run Forrest, run!

Never let anyone to dictate you:  No protection no NSA sex.

However, the risk of disease should not be the reason not participate in no string attached casual sex, because it can be minimize very easily. I strongly recommend condoms for any type of penetrative sexual encounter. You can make your sex life as safe as you want it to be!

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We are a married couple. Can our marriage be damaged if we get into NSA Sex with buddies? 

Set up rules and keep them, if you find them to tight lose them, but always communicate with your partner. Don’t do anything what don’t want to do, or what make your partner uncomfortable or jealous.

If you practice no string attached casual sex or swinging this way, your marriages will improve and your relationship will be stronger and  better all the time.

Quality or quantity? We’re talking about nsa sex. 

This question usually comes from males. Ask any women, they’ll will give you the same answer.  You should not test yourself how many times you are able to do it. One quality experience is much more better then one night long  mediocre pussy pounding.

But a fore play never long enough. You can make this as long as long you wish, it just will make better quality.

What  should I know about casual sex & swingers lifestyle… 

Hard to say. What very important for me, maybe not that important for you.

However always be be open, be clean and positive, if something bothering you, let  your partner know it.

I believe the most important, one way or other, have fun, and be sure your partner have some fun  too, because if  don’t (special if your partner is your wife)  maybe that was your first and last no string attached casual sex experience with her.

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Interest of some men…

Attempting to hire an escort or sex worker to go to a sex party or to an adult dating event with you, if you don’t have a regular female partner, just so you can get in the door is a terribly poor idea.

This is considered inappropriate at every adult club I have ever heard of, is generally sufficient to get you black listed, and is a ruse that is highly likely to be noticed by others.

A related concept is taking along someone who isn’t really your primary partner and isn’t really interested in adult dating activity; such folks are called “tickets” (i.e. you just used them as a “ticket” to get in the door), and this practice isn’t looked upon favourably either.

If you want nothing more than to see your female partner have sex with another woman, you will probably be better off forgetting about it until she brings it up.

Wandering around by yourself attempting to find a woman who wants to have sex with your lady, or otherwise trying to push this personal choice into happening, is considered quite crass.

Finally, please remember to converse with both members of a couple you and your partner are interested in, not just the partner you are interested in having sex with. Ultimately it’s your ability to form friendships with COUPLES which will determine the quality of your erotic experience in the adult dating community.

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Turn Your Friendship Into Sex Friendship

Friendship or sex friends? Lets mix the two, I am sure you already heard the words “friend with benefits”. It happens and can happen, however it is not that simple than an nsa sex date…

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The question is, you are attracted to your friend and what happens when you want to ask a friend out on a date, but you’re scared you’ll hear, “No, thanks”?

What can you do when potential mates think of you less like a lover and more like a brother?

This time out, we address the issue of what happens when you’re perceived to be more fit for friendship than dating. It all started with a letter from a  reader named Max, who wrote: What can you do when women, all women, seem to think of you as nothing more than a friend?

I mean, being friends is good, but I’d like to get into a relationship at some point in my life…

First of all, Max, don’t be too hard on yourself. Being “just friends” is an all too common problem these days when, more than ever, fewer people actually go out on dates, opting instead simply to ‘hang out,’ pick up a coffee, or take in a movie, all the while acting as if there’s no date happening. The line between dating and just hanging around is blurry — and that’s where your dilemma starts. When You Become Like a Brother To Her Have you ever noticed that friends often don’t arouse strong romantic feelings in some of us?

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They may seem perfect in all sorts of ways: funny, great to be around, smart, trustworthy, similar, and familiar. But no matter how hard we try, they just don’t arouse strong romantic feeling in us? This is what I’d like to call the Brother Phenomenon, as when women say to you, “Oh. I could never go out with you, you’re like a brother to me.”

And you know what happens when you go out with your brother. Taboo city. Maybe this is why women can’t seem to get past the friendship phase with you. I think this phenomenon occurs because people linger too long in the getting-to-know- you phase, without getting clear right away about whether their time together are ‘real dates’ or ‘just hanging out.’

Haven’t you ever felt the initial rush of interest for a new friend, but then suppressed those feelings because you thought that she didn’t act interested? But it could be that she felt passion for you, way back when you first started hanging out. You just couldn’t see it. Time passed, and now you’re like a brother to her. She’s known you so long, as nothing more than a friend, and you’re no longer romantically exciting. Get the picture?

Get out of that routine fast… So what can you do to stop becoming a brother and start being a lover or sex partner?

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Don’t dawdle too long at the friendship stage. If your friend has any romantic feelings for you at all, you’ll have to take advantage of the window of opportunity. Ask early, or be prepared to miss the chance. Picking the right time is essential: somewhere after the “getting to know you” stage but before she starts telling you about all the men she’s really interested in. When she starts confiding, “I had an awful date last night,” be ready to step in right away, and tell her how you feel about her.

Making the switch from friends to lovers isn’t easy. You might not be up to the challenge since it is risky. What if you lose the relationship entirely? That might happen. But if yours is a good friendship, it will survive. And don’t the potential gains outweigh the risks? Just do it. Otherwise, you’ll always be stuck as a brother, wishing the man she dates were you.

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We Wanted a Bi Man for Male – Male – Female Threesome

My wife and I decided we wanted to swing. Moreover, we decided we wanted a threesome with a bi man. We’re both bisexual. I am a orally bi man, it’s more of a cock fetish, you might say, my wife is fully bisexual.

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So why a man and not a woman? She really wanted to see men suck cock (and who can blame her? Men love to watch women, right? Equal rights!)

We both had limited experience in the past with same-sex encounters, but we were secure enough in our marriage that we were sure we wanted to try a threesome. In fact, it was our deep love for one another that brought about our individual abilities to let go of convention. It was our love that made us want the other to experience ultimate pleasure and fulfill their deepest sexual fantasies.

So we joined an adult dating website, but we were met with an  overwhelming number of straight men, and realized we were on a mostly heterosexuals only dating website, which meant bisexual women were perfectly welcome, but bisexual men were not. Hey, everyone has their preference. No one treated us poorly, it was just difficult to find a match. There were very few bisexual men.

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And that’s how we eventually found our way to Adult Dating in Canada and its partner’s website, Swingers Couple.net. I admit, we were skeptical. Would we encounter a bunch of creeps? We didn’t know, so we devised a plan for meeting members with the purpose of having no string attached sex, and then we went to find a match.

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He was an older man, fit, clean, good looking, with gray hair. Lets call him Ted. Ted looked distinguished. My wife likes older men and the photos of Ted’s cock on Swingers Couple made him look like he was hard as a rock. He wasn’t too big, which the wife prefers, but he had an erection you could hang a wool coat on. It stuck straight up, nicely curved upwards, he was cut, and had a nice swollen head, we both agreed, he had a simply delicious looking hard on.

We contacted Ted, he fully agreed to our ground rules, and we to his, and we made a date to meet in a public place (a restaurant’s bar) to see if we were compatible. We rented a lovely hotel suite for the occasion, and figured if we didn’t like Ted in person, we could always go back to our room and have a romantic evening alone.

We arrived early. Ted arrived on time. The conversation was light but friendly. He seemed like a nice guy. All of our searches of his information had turned up nothing suspicious, he didn’t seem to be deceiving us in any way. Ted was legit.

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During the meeting, neither of us gave the other our secret, “no” signal, so after dinner and two drinks and some  chatting, we invited him back to our room. He gladly accepted, he said he have to make some phone calls, and have to park his car somewhere safer and after that he will fallow us.

About half hour later Ted tapped on the door lightly and we let him in. There was a couch and some chairs in the living room area of the suite,
so we invited him to the chair while we took the couch near him. We were all visibly nervous but also obviously and breathlessly excited. We could see Ted was really turned on already, and so were we. After a few minutes of more polite chatter, we felt comfortable enough to begin.

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Ted watched from the chair, squirming, as I began kissing my wife, nibbling on her neck, and running my hands over her shoulders and through her hair. I could feel the waves of pleasure spasm across my wife’s body with every touch.

And out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ted adjusting himself as he sat in the chair, growing achingly stiff in his jeans, and getting so turned on that he needed to re position himself to avoid the discomfort.

I turned my wife to face him and I kissed her neck from behind. Her eyes were locked on his while I ran my hands across her chest, just lightly brushing across her aching breasts. She breathed deeply with a sigh, but never turned away from Ted’s gaze.

I opened the front of my wife’s dress slowly while Ted watched, and I exposed her breasts to him. He grunted in approval. She heaved with excitement. I moved my hungry hands all over her firm tits, stimulating her huge nipples to full erection. She began gyrating her hips as my nipple play sent waves of pleasure through her body, and her vagina began throbbing in anticipation and desire.

I could see Ted had been teased enough. He was practically panting like a dog at the sight of my wife’s pretty globes and her squirming movements. He was beside himself, but still acting like a total gentleman and following the ground rules perfectly.

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It was time to fulfill my one of my wife’s fantasies, to have two men kissing, licking, and sucking on her breasts. So I invited Ted to my wife’s left breast, while I took the right one. Like starving wolves we devoured my wife’s pretty breasts, squeezing their roundness and exploring their structures.

It made my wife crazy with desire. Within moments, I noticed that she had found Ted’s arm with her crotch and was grinding it hungrily against him. And I could see that this turned Ted on a lot.

I told Ted to join me, and told my wife to sit in the chair. I then stood behind Ted while he faced my wife, their eyes gazing at one another. I began running my hands across Ted’s chest and stomach, and then down the front of his jeans.

The wife was loving the show. And so was Ted, his erection was obvious in his jeans, and my hand began exploring it greedily. He moaned in pleasure, and my wife squirmed with excitement while watching it, which in turn made Ted even more turned on. Continue Reading…

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My first threesome just happened

True threesome erotic story: By  always horny “Ann” not monogamous.

I always was curious how sex with two men would be, and it just happened. Not exactly as I fantasized about it, though. Last weekend my boyfriend… whom I’ll call Chet… and his best friend, whom I’ll refer to as Gene… went off camping.

mfm threesomeThey gave me a phone call at Friday night from their campgrounds and invited me up Saturday morning. Gene fixed lunch over an open fire for us and we then we decided to call around to make motel reservations nearby for our future encounter.

We picked out something that sounded nice and secluded, so we decided to take a drive to check it out. Chet and I went into the office to make the reservations and found that we could get a room with a kitchen, double bed and waterbed for only $60 per night. And, the best thing was that since we were staying on a Sunday night, there was only one other room reserved besides ours. So there would be mucho privacy.

Anyway, I digress from my main topic. We drove back to the campground and sat outside the cabin and talked about absolutely nothing  with some other campers… and drank some beer. Chet and I drove over to a nearby beach and went wading. Meanwhile Gene had gone to take a shower. (The cabin did not have running water.)

first mfm threesomeWhen we came back from the beach, Chet excused himself to take a shower. When he returned, he asked for us (me and him) to have some time alone together. So we went into the cabin, closed the door and pulled the shades down. I told Chet that under the circumstances I didn’t want to “go all the way” but just give him a blow job. Frankly, I was in a hurry to get back home. While I was going down on his cock, he started asking me if I would suck Gene’s cock, I thought that this was as good a time as any but played “hard to get” at first and made Chet talk me into it.

Chet pulled his pants back on and went outside to find Gene, Gene was just then driving off in his car.

I put my top back on and Chet and I took my car to find Gene. We found him where he had pulled off at the beach. Before Chet went over to tell him what was going on, I asked him to make sure this is what Gene wanted to do too.

We all went back to the cabin. Chet took his pants back off and I started back into sucking his cock. Gene watched for a while but kept his clothes on until I took my top and bra off and he saw what a nice pair of tits I had. Well, then you should have seen how fast his clothes came off!

Chet asked me to start sucking Gene’s cock, and soon we three were all on the bed. Gene kept telling me how beautiful my breasts were and playing with them and sucking on them. I started taking turns sucking their hard, stiff cocks. I would use my hand on the dick I wasn’t sucking. Chet came first, in my mouth and then sat back to watch Gene and me.

first threesomeMy First mfm Threesome

I would have like them to eat my pussy, but I hadn’t taken a shower like they had, so that would have to wait for another day! Gene told me that he was a pussy man and wanted to fuck me so… off went my shorts and panties. By that time, Chet was getting horny again, so while Gene was fucking me I started sucking on Chet’s cock.. Gene used his fingers on my clitoris to make me come, and then shortly after that came himself. He put his clothes back on and left the cabin so Chet and I could finish up in private. Chet put his by-then rock-hard cock into my “eager beaver” and told me he wished he could fuck me for hours. Needless to say, he climaxed soon after we started!

The three of us had another session the next afternoon at the guys’ house. This time, I had bathed before going over there, so I felt more sexually confident. Gene brought out a vibrator which Chet gently ran over my pussy while I sucked Gene’s cock. Then as Chet was eating my pussy, I asked Gene to suck on my tits. WHAT A GREAT SENSATION!

Chet told Gene to “come have a taste of this” so Gene took over the pussy-licking activity. I couldn’t get over the shit-eating grin on Chet’s face! He looked like a kid in a candy store! Well it wasn’t too long until I came from Gene’s tongue so the three of us went into the bedroom.

Gene entered me from, behind (vaginally, I don’t really care for anal sex) and I started sucking Chet’s cock at the same time. They traded places several times, or one guy would take a “breather” just to watch me with the other one. Gene came first while fucking me “missionary style,” while I was giving Chet a blow job. Gene then excused himself and Chet and I fucked each other until he came. Would you believe that only after  about fifteen minutes Chet started getting horny again!

swingers sex partyAdult Dating Ads

The two of us resumed our activity later that night at my home. All in all, it was a pretty exciting experience. Both men made sure I enjoyed myself and treated me with tenderness and respect. I did tell Chet later that we should wait until Gene brought the subject up again before we got together again. I don’t want Gene to think we’re using him or putting pressure on him.

I kind of felt like we were three little kids playing doctor. I guess that was because of what we did is “forbidden.” Sometimes those naughty forbidden things are the most fun, as you probably well know! But as Chet and I told each other, no one was cheating on anyone, and we all had a good time. The three of us care about one another in many ways.

I don’t think I could have done this with Gene if we hadn’t established a friendship first. I have to hand it to Chet… he picked out a very attractive and younger man (9 years younger than me!) for our first threesome.

Well, there you have it… my first threesome. If the three of us don’t get together sexually before, I’m really looking forward to our motel getaway. Which reminds me of a question. How do you discretely manage to get a third party into a motel room? Or would you go ahead and pay for another person?

“No Longer Curious”

no string attached dating