How I convinced my wife into casual – swingers sex

I tired to convince my wife into no string attached swingers sex  longer than a year, I did not push her hard but I talked my head off. I explained millions of times, sex and love are not just two different words, but two different acts too. I did not understand why she is rejecting the idea. I know she used to have a playmate girlfriend (her room mate in university) and I know she is still bi curios.

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Finally one day she said okay, she will give it a try. I registered us in one of the local swing clubs for a weekend dance, before she changed her mind.

And today is the day. I hope today is the day to have some adventurous casual sex.

I tried to get myself mentally ready all day. I wasn’t 100% sure how will I handle, if I will see my Carla make out with another man or maybe with men, and I was not sure she is psyched up enough to allow me to make it with other women.

She already took a shower. It was my turn in the bathroom. I washed myself like a maniac. Brushed my teeth, shaved, fixed my pubic hair a bit and put on my best cologne on (everywhere that is important). I got dressed up, checked the condoms one more time in my pocket and just realized my wife is talking with somebody downstairs.

I walked down and met with Darlene. She is 36 years old and Peter’s wife. Peter is an old friend of mine. “Oh no” I thought not today. She is a bit on the hefty side but far from bimbo. If she sits down somewhere she can sit and talk day and night. But I had other plans for tonight; I did not want to listen this woman chatting all night. What should I do?

“Hello” I said to Darlene and sat on the sofa opposite to her. At this moment my wife walked in to the living room with an open bottle of wine and three glass in her hand. She was very sexy. Her black skirt was cut way up high, allowing me to see her long sexy legs all the way up until the edge of her hard ass. I did not see any panties line so I guessed she doesn’t have panties on. Also, her black blouse’s V cut was deep enough to show she does not wear bra. She poured a little wine in the glasses.

“Hello Jack. Peter had to go to fix something at his parent’s house. He won’t be home all weekend. I came here to spend a night with you guys”, said Darlene.

I wasn’t happy about this. My swingers dance started to fade away. I watched her and just I wanted to say something polite when I realized her big hooters burst through her see through blouse. Why did she wear a see through blouse on?

She red my face and saw how much she surprised me…

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“A few days earlier I told Darlene what is our plan for tonight and she knew how much of a stud you are. She wanted to bring Peter, but unfortunately he had to leave the city. They decided she will come along with us but I think she wants to get a test ride before we leave”. Said my wife.

What is going on here? Was the question in my mind but I could not say a world and I could not take of my eyes off of Darlene’s big tits.

The two honeys did not waste any time, they stripped out of their clothes and stood before me. They pulled of my pants, my underwear and shirt in no time. My wife’s soft haired neatly trimmed slit already trembled from the excitement. Darlene angled her hips my way. I smiled, peeking at the pinkness she flashed apart by playing with her cunt with her finger. It is great being at the center of two sexy women’s attention and I lapped up Darlene’s snatch.

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She shoved her pussy into my face. It looks like she knows exactly what she wants. I started to lick her cunt lips. Her pussy juice dripped into my face. I just found her clit with my tongue and she immediately had a climax. Before I had a change to take a few deep breath both of them started to give me head.

He is big, Darlene told to my wife, and took my manhood deep in her throat. Carla just watched. Naturally my wife is not a watcher and I know she can play with women and Darlene is hot and horny now… Probably she read my mind because she hosted Darlene in a doggy style position, went down on her knees behind her and started to eat her pussy.

Darlene sucked my shaft with a greater force. I knew my wife found her clit. She took my manhood and rocked upward a few times and that was it for me. I freed my cock from her mouth and shot a geyser of cum into the middle of the living room. Some of the stuff hit Darlene on her face. She just wiped off with her hand.

“Next time I want to swallow all” she smiled on me and licked up few drop of cum from her fingers.

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My wife kept eating her. I went to my wife’s assistance. We laid Darlene on the couch and licked and sucked her heated juicy pussy together. Then Carla decided Darlene head would be much better place under her pussy and she sat down with wide opened legs on Darlene mouth and started to massage her tits with both hands. I was eating Darlene and she was eating my wife. My wife was playing with her tits. It was very erotic and it made me hard again.

I could not control my tongue anymore. I opened a condom and rolled it on and put my cock into Darlene with one big steady push. My balls hit her cunt crack. She pushed my wife up from her lips and told me.

“Give it to me harder”. “Harder”? I already tried to do my best with my 9 inches manhood, but I speed up more. I gave it to her with such a big power, she was moving up on the couch when I pushed, until the end of the couch hold her. I fucked her like I never fucked a woman before. My wife banded over her and sucked her big tits. Darlene fingered my wife with her middle finger. After about 10 minutes bed gymnastic she started to moan and then she climaxed again.

Well I wasn’t finish yet and my wife wasn’t finished either.

She ripped off my condom and rolled a new on my rock hard dick, pushed me on my back and she sat on my man hood. Darlene started to suck my balls, and kept fingering Carla’s click at the same time. It did not take Carla too long to reach an orgasm and I did not take me too long to fill up the condom with my white stuff. This was my second orgasm and the night just began.

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The story author is “Dave.” He doesn’t want to publish his real name. The bigger part of the story is true and really happened with him. We hope you enjoyed Dave’s little adventure as much as he did.

Oral Sex – Cunnilingus – Fellatio

A lot of people love to give and receive oral sex everywhere – even in very conservative countries. It is fact, oral sex can be the most exciting sexual experience.

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  • Male oral sex guide and descriptions
  • Female oral sex guide and descriptions
  • Learn how to intensify your partners pleasure.

Oral Sex means both, mouth contact with the vagina, which is called cunnilingus, and mouth contact with the penis, which is called fellatio.

Cunnilingus comes from a Latin word for vulva (a woman’s exterior sex organs), cunnus, and from the Latin word for licking, lingerie.

Fellatio comes from the Latin word fellare, meaning to suck.

Either form of oral sex can be done with one partner stimulating the other individually, or both partners can stimulate each others genitals simultaneously. Oral sex, if the sex partners perform on each other at the same time, commonly called 69.

Do you know?

Oral sex (cunnilingus) can be dangerous. If a man performs oral sex on a woman (go down on her) and he blows into the vagina, accidentally or on purpose, he is quite likely to kill his partner one through air embolism! Death in such circumstances can be remarkably rapid, a matter of seconds. There are some such instances in the medical literature.


Oral sex, performed on men is called fellatio. Fellatio’s street name is blowjob. If anyone decide to give a blowjob for someone, the most important thing is: You as a giver, must love the penis you play with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, don’t hold back. Some gals (an bi men too) try to give a head while holding their partner’s penis at arm’s length. Give a head mean perform oral sex on men.

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If you decided to perform a blow job you have to appreciate the beauty of penis. They are all different, but there is something to love about nearly every one of them. Maybe it nice and big, or silky or strait, perhaps it have dashing curve.

If you are a female and unable to love penis with out turning off the light, then you have got a major problem in your sex life.

How to perform oral sex on a woman? At first you should know does she likes oral treatment down there… Ask her what make you happy?
If she says nothing – it means you are going to have to go down on her.

She should cum first so you need to spend as much time down there as much she needs to obtain her orgasm. Be sure you take your time and be gentle. Remember, your “assignment” is to make her cum and not to rip her pussy apart.

The ideal position to do this: She is lying in her back, you are lying between her legs, or you might be on you knees between her legs. Either way push your face very close to her pussy and inhale the smell of it and use your fingers to play with her clit a bit.

Be ready, her pussy might not smell like a flower garden. It can’t smell like flower, but it will smell and should smell even should taste as a clean vagina supposed too. No any man want to perform oral sex on a pussy that wasn’t washed in details…

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After a few minutes taste her. Gently open her pussy lips and take the inside pussy lips between your lips. Get it really wet with your saliva.
Then, grab her two inner lips between your lips. Rub them back and forth against each other with your lips and let it go.

Time come to use your tongue. Flick your tongue in light feathery kisses along the fleshy folds of the outer labia, smoothing away the pubic hair if she did not trimmed.

Finally, lay your tongue onto her clitoris. Start with little licks with the tip of your tongue. Move very gradually inwards with your tongue. Vary your movements according to your partner’s response. If she is grinding her hips a little, you know you are definitely on the right track. If she pulling her but a way, you are applying to much pleasure. It might hurt her.

If she pushes her pussy up, you’re not applying enough pressure, and if she starts jumping on your nose and shaking, don’t stop, she might cum.

If you made her cum with your tongue, you might start the action with your penis. If you “gonna make her cum” by intercourse too, she will tell to everyone that you are a sex god.

Her and the blowjob

If you are thinking about perform a blow job on someone and you never done it, before you do anything I have to tell you, to take a stinky, dirty penis into your mouth is not fan.

Therefor if your guy stinks, don’t do it. A lot of North American women believe, only a circumcised penis is a clean penis. They are wrong, someone is circumcised or non circumcised is not the indicator of a man cleanness. To get a penis circumcised usually is the parents decision, when the baby born.

It is fact, easier to keep clean a circumcised penis then an un circumcised, but both type of penis need to be washed on a regular basic…

I don’t want to get into circumcise a penis is a right or wrong decision, but as a circumcised penis can be dirty as a uncircumcised penis can be clean. In both cases some soap and some water can make a wonder.

swingers sex partyThe “blow job”.  How to play with his balls? Suck them!

As I stated at above, You must love the penis you’re with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, and not ice cream. Guys love to receive blow job, not a dick-licking service.

How start to perform your magical blow job.

Trace a vertical line from his eye down to his penis. Start at up on his body and go down slowly. Use your tongue to lap, lick, or nibble along this line. Play with his, ear, neck and nipples. Kiss them suck them. It will turn him on big time.Guys can go from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds, it means a limp penis can turn to be a hard erected cock in a couple of seconds, if you do your things right.

Do what ever you do, but always go back to the a horizontal line. You can wonder left ans right, than back to the middle horizontal line of his body  and lick your way to his belly button. Spend some time there, just a few seconds. If he moans he likes it. Than you may spend some more time there. Finally go down to his genital area.

Glide your hand up his penis, gripping it firmly. Once you reach the crown, twist your wrist and open your hand so the flattest part of your palm is resting on the head. Caress the head — alternating between back-and-forth and circular motions — for just a few moments. Then grip your palm around the head and continue down the shaft with closed fingers.

At now you can start and should start with your mouth. The experience of having his penis sucked, licked and kissed is one that most men find intensely exciting. In some cases, there may be psychological barriers to overcome.

Some men fear being bitten during oral sex. You should open your mouth as wide as possible, and close your lips, but not your teeth, over his penis. Using all the muscles in the lips and tongue will mean that the teeth should not come into contact with the penis at all.

All men are different, so there is no any written rule what you should do. Keep trying it and if you have difficulties your partner will help you. However something that many men complain about is that women forget that a penis has three parts. It has a balls, a head and the body. For most men the balls are the most sensitive part and often this part receives the least attention. So suck his balls too if you want to finish him fast…

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Safe Oral Sex

Although there is no chance for pregnancy to happen from oral sex, unprotected oral sex puts both partners at risk for a number of sexually transmitted infections. The risks of infection are generally quite a bit lower with unprotected oral sex than with unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, using a barrier during oral sex can further decrease those risks.

For oral sex on a man,  condom reduces the risk. In almost every sex shop possible to buy condoms in any colour and any taste that are designed and made for oral sex only.

For oral sex on a woman, risk of infection can be reduced by using a dental dam, Glyde® dam, plastic wrap, or cut-open condom to cover the vulva.However, personally I never met any woman who used dental dam or anything to cover her pussy to receive oral sex. They say, receive oral sex with dental dam, is like you take shower but your jeans is on.

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Otherwise, spitting may reduce the risk of certain infections more than swallowing. Of course, keeping ejaculate out of the mouth is even safer.

Perform or receive oral sex, both partners need to be prepared. Bath, trim, shave, and brush your tongue. Put some perfume on the right places, but never, ever, wear cheap to strong cologne. If you can not afford a good quality perfume, then don’t wear perfume at all. Use only deodorant.

Eating a woman’s pussy is the most wonderful thing a man can do for her. It makes her day. It’s very polite from the guy to do her first. You shouldn’t give her signals to go down on you, before you did it on her. If you do not like eating pussy, you better change your likes and dislikes, because most of ladies in our today’s open sexuality word love oral sex much more then the actual intercourse.

You should know, even if you have the smallest dick in the entire world, but if you have a magic tongue, you will be appreciated as a fabulous lover.

MFM (male – female – male) Threesome
FMF (female – female – male) Threesome
FFM (female – female – male) Threesome

How to play with your male sex partner balls (testicles)?

An easy way would be, just suck it, but it is not that simple.

An open minded woman said: I was very young when I performed my first blow job on a man, (actually he was a teen boy) I was unskilled and did not really know what to with that penis in my mouth, however I loved his penis. I liked the smell and the taste of it, and I started to love his peniswhen I realized he liked my activity too.

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Also I figured out fairly fast, I hag control over him. I was very unskilled, I guess I was an orally talented sex partner, because without any experience or knowledge, I could control the hardness of his erection and I was even able to delay his orgasm…

I was very young but I already loved penis. Later on, that year, I met with an older guy and he taught me how to perform oral sex and what to do and what not to do whit man’s sex organ, including how to play with testicles.

The most important thing that you need to know, before you go down on a man; You must love the penis you’re with. You have to remember the penis is not a baseball bat, don’t hold back. Some gals try to give a head while holding their partner’s penis at arm’s length. If you decided to perform a blow job you have to love and have to appreciate the beauty of penis, including the smell and the taste.

Different Penises

Men are different and their penises are different too, but a clean penis is very suck-able.  Men usually loves it when their female sex partner perform oral sex on them.

You as a woman should find something to love in every one of them. Maybe it is nice and big, or silky or strait, or it have an erotic curve. If you are a female and you can not to love penis, don’t even bother to try to perform oral sex. Your partner wont like it. However I am not here to teach you how to perform fellatio, I assume you already know that. If you don’t you can find some fellatio related info here.

I am here to explain you, what you should do with his testicles or let’s call them balls while you perform oral sex on him.

The male testicles are very sensitive, you should not be rough down there, it can be painfully. You want to pleasure him, not to cause pain… I assume your tongue is dripping wet, because you already sucked his shaft all the way from the bottom  to the top.  Sucking a wet cock with a wet mouth sounds very erotic.

Start to massaging those balls, with your hand lightly maybe scratching them very lightly with your fingernails. If you want to take him to the orgasm’s haven you may also want to reach behind and underneath the balls to get to that very sensitive area just before the anus.

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His Anus Area

A lot of nerves ending are in that are and those nerves can effect his erection.  You can be sure your activity will produce reactions in his cock. If you know what you do, then now is time to play with his golden hole area. If he pulls his but a way give it up, but if his erection getting harder, then he likes what you do, so keep doing it. You might place your very wet (from your saliva) index finger into his ass hole.

Your finger is in his ass-hole, with your other hand you left his cock up a bit and start to play with his balls with your tongue. However this varies of his position. The best position to do this, he is laying on his side, his bottom leg is strait and the top one is bend into a triangle.  You are between his legs. This position give you easy access to his genital area.

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Let’s get back to his balls. Suck them, you can suck one and the other, I don’t think both will fit in your mouth at once. Be gently, very gently. Already mentioned at above those balls are extremely sensitive to pain.  Most of the men like that when their lady partner kisses and licks the skin around the testicles, so do it. Perform a hand job on him, like you masturbate him. You should try to pull the balls away from his body with your wet, hot lips. If you think he will cum, slow down. You don’t want to take him to the no return point. If you delay his orgasm several times, his joy will be bigger and better when he reach it.

Before he reach the no return point you might notice, his penis starts to swell, the skin on his testicles will get tighter and his balls will travel up to close to his body.

There Are More Erotic Things To  Do With His Balls

What else can you do with his balls? If you having sex in doggy style, you should reach behind him, between your leg, and pull his balls slightly a way from his body. With this move, you get into the drivers seat. You can control the speed and the deepness of his trust and he is going to have a mind blowing orgasm.

Threesome Spiced Up With Ball Sucking

Playing with erected penis’ balls is a very popular female – male – female (ffm) threesome activity. The best position is side by side, back. He is having intercourse with one of the lady, the other lady go down on him, upside down, so her pussy is in around his neck. She has very easy access to his balls, even to the other lady’s clit. It is possible to do this in doggy style, see the picture above. It need some practice, but the  end result will be mind blowing orgasm.

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How I shared my wife with my best friend

My wife Eva and I are swingers. We’ve been into it for about five years. I can honestly say that swinging saved our marriage. We had been losing interest  in each other and both of us had more than one affair. We found out about swinging through the Internet. Soon after that we got touch in with another couple that showed us the ropes.

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As we got more into the lifestyle, we separated our circle of friends into two different groups. Everyday friends and intimate swinging friends that we swing with regularly. Our everyday friends doesn’t know anything about our lifestyle and sex life, or my best friend Ernie doesn’t either.

They had been married four years and are already separated.  It was very stressful for him. Eva and me put him up in our spare bedroom and we told him, he can stay with us as long as he needed.

A few weeks later it happened. Eva wasn’t at home. Ernie and I were sitting in front of the TV, watching the hockey game. Ernie seemed very depressed. I asked him what was the matter. First he said nothing at all, but after few question he confessed that he was starting to get pain in his balls. It had been over two months since the last time he had sex. He masturbated a few times, but it just wasn’t enough. I suggested that he should go and find a sweetheart for himself. He said he is still hoping to fix his marriage with his wife, so he did not want to date anyone.

That night I explained our little chat to Eva. She felt sorry for him, so I thought I should help  my best friend and asked her. “Would you share our bed every now and then with him?” At first she said no way, this game is for couples only plus Ernie doesn’t know anything about our swingers side and we should keep it this way.

no string attached sex adsWell I let the things sit for few days and asked her again. She gave up a little and she said, Ernie is a nice guy and probably fantasizing about sex lately a lot.  A few more days passed and I had convinced Eva it was our duty to help Ernie. Now all I have to do was speak to Ernie. It was easier than you think. It took only 5 minutes to explain him it was okay for me.

The next day was Saturday. We were in the patio drinking beer and having some popcorn. Ernie was very nervous.  We talked about everything except sex. Ernie accidentally overturned the popcorn. I know the time is arrived to do something. “Why don’t I clean up the popcorn, while you and Ernie get better acquainted?” I   asked. They went in the house together. I cleaned up the mess very fast and went after them.  They were sitting in the living room on the sofa. I peeled of my clothes. Ernie helped me to undress my wife and he undressed himself very fast. All three of us were naked. Eva set back  on the sofa. Ernie turned toward her. His hard cock was bobbing in front of him. Eva reached for it with both hands and brought it into her mouth. I dived down between her legs and started to eat her pussy.

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Her lips were swollen from the excitement. She opened her legs. I found her pleasure button and started to suck it. Ernie groaned. I looked up for bit and saw Eva deep throat Ernie and reached his balls with her hand. One other moaning and Ernie almost came. However he managed to keep himself under control.

I know how to please my wife. My tongue was everywhere, slithering in and out from her love tunnel. Every once in a while I stopped tongue fuck her to suck her clit. It did not take to long her to hit the first orgasm. She rubbed her pussy into my face. I looked up again and saw Ernie just pulled his cock out of her mouth and squeezed her tits together so he could fuck the silky tunnel between them.   I changed positions too. I pushed her thighs more apart and slid my rubberized rock hard cock into her. She lied on the sofa. Ernie fucked her tits and I fucked her cunt. The sofa squeaked with our rhythmic movements. She tipped her head forward and started to suck the end of Ernie’s cock. I saw Ernie balls are in firing position. I was giving to her with all my man power. My balls were balanced against her bottom. She closed her legs a bit, she know it always make me cum. My cum started to boil in my balls. At this moment Ernie groaned and fired his first load of sperm on her breast. I groaned too as excitement flashed through me. I could not hold back  any longer. The cum streaked up my shaft. I groaned as her cunt pulsed around my cock. She reached her second orgasm and her orgasm triggered mine. I filled up the condom with my first load.

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I laid on her for a few seconds then sat up. She did too and reached Ernie. She started to clean up his tool with her tongue. When she finished it Ernie was hard again. “Your turn” I said and gave him a condom. He rolled it up. Eva laid back on her back and now Ernie dived down between her legs. She turned her had to side a little and reached me. I gave to her my semi hard dick. After a few minutes stroking and sucking I was hard again.

I spent the night with my wife and with my friend. All three of us enjoyed it thoroughly. We slept through all of Sunday and spent Sunday night the same way…

Well a week later Ernie and his wife Sue got back together. Ernie moved back home. I waited a couple of months and invited them for a dinner. I hoped that I’ll manage some swinging action into that evening.

10 years classmate reunion spiced up with adult fun

Talk about boring sex life, threesomes and nsa sex does not solve anything. If you want spice thing up in the sex department, you have to make your move when the opportunity arrives, or you will hopping and masturbating in the rest of your life.

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Our opportunities can pas by fast, if I wanna be honest, I have to tell you we missed a lot of those opportunities. We hesitated, he is two young or not my style or not cute… always find something that made me, made us to go home alone…

Than once it happened after my  high school 10 years classmate reunion. I asked my husband to escort me, because after we got married I move to his city. He came with me, we rented a hotel room for the weekend. He did not come to the actual  classmate reunion dinner party, he said he stay in the room and watches the Boston`s hockey game. What ever… 🙂

So make to story short… The classmate reunion was a big success, 17 from 29 person participated, some of them came with their family some of them alone.

The party was over and I went back to the hotel with two of my X classmate’s company. They said they live in the same direction and they walked with me. We talked about old things, of course boys and girls and stupid things that we did in high school. One of those thing was, I dated both of them back in high shool 4 years and we did thing… Some of those things was very erotic and to remember back made me really horny.

At the hotel door I was about to say goodbye to them, than I thought for a minute then said to them, I have a great idea.

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“Looks like either of you are not in a big rush to get home. I am with my husband if you both willing to come with me, I will introduce you both to him and never know we all could have a little fun. We might finish off what we started in high school. Of course my hubby have to make the final decision…”

They were surprised  a bit and asked me, what exactly did I have in mind.

I said: “Well if you guys wanted, we all could go up to my room and try something different, what we never tried before”.

One of the X classmate asked “Let me get this straight, we never had sex, other than mutual masturbation, but that is not sex. Now you want to have sex with both of us, plus your husband? Is he gay or what?

I replied: “No he is absolutely not gay, not even bi. He is a really nice guy, we are in deep love, but we want to make “something different” in the sex department for a while and I think this is a perfect opportunity.”

“So my answer is yes, the way I’m feeling right now, sure I would have sex with three men, but once again, the final word is his”.

Then he said: “Sounds good to me, give us a few minutes” and he looked the other guy. What do you think? “I think we should find the hotel’s washroom and buy a bunch of condom from the condom machine.”

Than we went in the lobby. “You guys go, I wait here”, I told them. They left and I called my husband.

“I get together with two X classmate, we used to date back than”  and I explained him everything. He immediately get very excited about the whole thing…. Continue reading

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