10 years classmate reunion spiced up with adult fun

Talk about boring sex life, threesomes and nsa sex does not solve anything. If you want spice thing up in the sex department, you have to make your move when the opportunity arrives, or you will hopping and masturbating in the rest of your life.

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Our opportunities can pas by fast, if I wanna be honest, I have to tell you we missed a lot of those opportunities. We hesitated, he is two young or not my style or not cute… always find something that made me, made us to go home alone…

Than once it happened after my  high school 10 years classmate reunion. I asked my husband to escort me, because after we got married I move to his city. He came with me, we rented a hotel room for the weekend. He did not come to the actual  classmate reunion dinner party, he said he stay in the room and watches the Boston`s hockey game. What ever… 🙂

So make to story short… The classmate reunion was a big success, 17 from 29 person participated, some of them came with their family some of them alone.

The party was over and I went back to the hotel with two of my X classmate’s company. They said they live in the same direction and they walked with me. We talked about old things, of course boys and girls and stupid things that we did in high school. One of those thing was, I dated both of them back in high shool 4 years and we did thing… Some of those things was very erotic and to remember back made me really horny.

At the hotel door I was about to say goodbye to them, than I thought for a minute then said to them, I have a great idea.

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“Looks like either of you are not in a big rush to get home. I am with my husband if you both willing to come with me, I will introduce you both to him and never know we all could have a little fun. We might finish off what we started in high school. Of course my hubby have to make the final decision…”

They were surprised  a bit and asked me, what exactly did I have in mind.

I said: “Well if you guys wanted, we all could go up to my room and try something different, what we never tried before”.

One of the X classmate asked “Let me get this straight, we never had sex, other than mutual masturbation, but that is not sex. Now you want to have sex with both of us, plus your husband? Is he gay or what?

I replied: “No he is absolutely not gay, not even bi. He is a really nice guy, we are in deep love, but we want to make “something different” in the sex department for a while and I think this is a perfect opportunity.”

“So my answer is yes, the way I’m feeling right now, sure I would have sex with three men, but once again, the final word is his”.

Then he said: “Sounds good to me, give us a few minutes” and he looked the other guy. What do you think? “I think we should find the hotel’s washroom and buy a bunch of condom from the condom machine.”

Than we went in the lobby. “You guys go, I wait here”, I told them. They left and I called my husband.

“I get together with two X classmate, we used to date back than”  and I explained him everything. He immediately get very excited about the whole thing…. Continue reading

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