She screwed your two best friends

Why so? Is she a slut? Who is Slut anyway?

Lets say, she had sex with two of your best friends, and with your uncle who has no front teeth and has even tried to hit on your under aged brother. She wears clothes that make her tits almost fall out and shorts so short that you know she did not shave her pubes because her genitals’s hairs slightly visible.

first time no string attached

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Everyone know her, she is the woman, who gets visited by married men and high school students, when they are super horny. They know, they will get laid. She does even in the park, she does not have problem with location…

Play with her like when a tall men plays basketball with a bunch of midgets sized children. He knows, he is going to score. We all know that society views men who have had sex with a lot of women studs. Women who have had sex with a lot of men, and no money involved are sluts.

I’m not sure how slut was born, but I have my idea. Men aren’t picky who they have sex with and a slut always horny, always ready to open their legs. Men don’t care, their brain stops when their penis get hard… and they just want to reach orgasm.

That is about it. They want to have the orgasm and leave. No strings attached, don’t need to take her to dinner or movie, no fallow up phone calls, just good old fashioned sex.

What about open minded women, if they into no string attached casual sex, or if they visit swingers club… Are they slut? No, I don’t think so, I would not call them slut, they are swingers women.

Swingers women different. They want to reach orgasm and want to have no commitment sex relationship. They are horny, being horny not a crime, (list not yet) but they are picky also. A slut takes man who ever she gets, swinger lady choose men to be her sex partners. They are able to select. A large number of men looking for women sex partner for casual sex, this fact allows women to be pickier, to be more selective than men.

Open minded women knows all they have to do is talk to a man. Be nice clean and sexy and he is in the palm of her hand. She knows that by dressing sexy, she will get her pick of men. A horny guy on the other hand, just tries to bang any woman he can. If she is good looking, that is extra pleasure for him. Men want to pass on their seeds at all cost. It is in their genes. Their sex drive is stronger. In the animal world males have to be. They have to be so the species can survive. If they weren’t like this, the species would die off.

It brings up interesting points. Why would a married woman be a swinger? Especially if she knows how society views it. It brings up many things, but most of them are pretty simple. Maybe she has a strong sex drive and she doesn’t get enough sex at home. Or she has erotic fantasies and very often horny. Or her husband is her first lover, first penetrative sex partner.

Asian Women

Married Women Looking For Casual Fun – Close to  you place.

In our today’s world, married women allowed to get horny too and they don’t have to make secret of it… Don’t be too shocked of this. Women aren’t the old fashioned women of the 50’s anymore. An orgasm feels just as good to them as it does to men. Maybe she has emotional issues, or maybe her husband talked her into it. Maybe she uses sex as a way to make her feel needed and beautiful. Some women feel that if they can attract enough men, that means they are beautiful. They know that the only thing a man cares about is what is between their legs.

An open minded who is into no string attached sex, serve her body for a selected man, (maybe for men) for a return(s) of sexual fulfillment.

Lot of men believe, easy to find sex partner for a woman. Men thinks to have no commitment sex, no women needs to be a swinger. She just should go to the first bar and let herself pick up by the first guy. He will bang her, or she might have a change to bang him. So she acts like a slut, but we just said it above, open minded swingers women are not slut…

Therefore, keep it in your mind, casual sex, sex friendship and or swinging is more just screw someone brain out. Swinging is casual sex, and sometimes develops into no commitment sex relationship, sex friendship. Which means no cheating on your partner, no pirate sexual action behind your permanent partner, no phone calls to call you for a date, no complication with family members, and lot of discretion. Read more about swinging…

Some of the today’s women may gets into casual sex or go to a swingers club, because of the above reasons, some other choose to be a slut.

Why would a women be a slut? Because they were molested. This one is going to take some explaining. Being molested as a child changes everything that you know. We are always taught as a child that our bodies and special and that we need to protect them from strangers. Well, often times they don’t tell us what to do if uncle child molester wants to touch our private parts. We don’t expect people who love us and people we look up to to hurt us. So children are apt to allowing family members to molest them. If they are a young child, they probably don’t know any better. We live in such a sexually oppressed world, that they probably don’t know they are doing a sexual act.

This really does effect a lot of women. More than we can imagine. There are millions and millions of women who were raped, some of them when they were kids, just look at today’s Hollywood celebrities and court cases. I think women who are molested might become sluts because it helps cover up the pain. Sex is like a drug to them. It is like acceptance too. They knew it pleased the molester when they did sexual acts, so in their minds they would like to please everyone. But it just my thoughts. If I am wrong, its not the fort time…

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More Than Few Good Tips for Dating

Spice Up Your Sex Life. Make Her Bang You.

sexual creativityErotic Sexual Creativity

Swingers spice their sex life up with sex partners outside from their permanent relationship and no string attached swingers sex parties. They might organize a gang bang or a similar themed sex party, special around this time of the year (Halloween) but swinging and sex partying is not for everyone.

You don’t need to be a swinger to spice your sex life, or love life up.  With a little imagination you can make things very erotic, even kinky if you wish to, and if your partner is willing to participate in. For example if you are the male part of the couple, here are some ideas for you.  Sex is usually controlled by men (well not really, but men think they are in the driver seat if we are talking about sex).

For a change let her drive, let her dictate by giving her total sexual control over you. I mean what I say, let her be on the top, actually on top of you. It’s already sounds good, doesn’t it? Continue reading…

Boost Your Sex Life With Kink

It is simple; you get to lie on your back while she jumps on you and does her erotic things. Let her control what ever she wants to, the speed and the deepness. I guaranty it won’t be bad at all. Most men dream about a hot horny babe riding on top of them, even half dead men want to die like this. So ask her to do it. Ask her to screw you hard, ask her to let you feel that you are not in control.

Probably you going to obtain a really big orgasm, it might be the biggest that you ever had. Do not do anything and have a mind blowing orgasm, I am sure you are going to like it.

After few times and several orgasms, you will want her to always be in control, you want to lie on your back and have a mind blowing orgasm, again and again.

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As the time goes by, you can put some kink into your sex, let her punish you, let her dominate you.

Sex can be good if you see what you do and can be great if you don’t see what other(s) do with you. You have to feel it.

That is why blindfolds are so popular. Blindfolds are great tools to learn for her, how be in control in the bedroom.

Have her put them on you and you have nothing else to do.

Lie on your back and happens what ever  happens, but you should not take those blindfold off. Continue reading…

There are millions of blindfolds  on the market, but you can make your own. Use a man’s neck-tie or a silk stocking. Let her tie them around your head so you can’t see, and let your private erotic show begin.

The show where you don’t need to see, you just have to feel. She can tell you what she is going to do in great details. In fact she should tell you before she does it.

She might give you alternatives: “Maybe I will put ice cube on you dick or Martini on your chest and I’ll lick it up. I might bite your nipples.

What do you think, which one should I do?”  Or she can hold a buzzing vibrator to your ear and explain you in details how she going to masturbate with it. I hope you did not take you blindfold off and did not run away. To make sure you won’t do it, she should chain you to the bed first.

Are there any more stockings in the house? Use as a rope and let her tie you to the bed with it. Just be careful – if she can’t reach the orgasm,she might sit on your face, and you can not run away. She might even give you a prostate massage with her vibrator. Oh you like that? I wonder why? Continue reading…

kinky women

Lets get Kinky! Kinky NSA Adult Dating Ads

There is one more thing that you need to know. Don’t do this too often. If you do it every second day, sooner or later it will be routine again. It is just an example how can you spice things up with some creativity.

There are tons of ideas, different sexual role play scenarios are all over the internet, but you can make your own with a very little creative. For example if you really want to get wild, you can buy a variety of masks costume and even whips for erotic play. These whips from sex store wasn’t created to cause excruciating erotic pains, they designed and made them cause little pain with big pleasure.   A whip to get real punished if you are being a bad boy.

If you go this far, make sure that both of you are okay with it. It won’t be fun if one of you feels uncomfortable and the target is having fun, pleasure and orgasms. Continue reading…


Halloween Role Play Adult Party

Some people into taboo sex, some others  taboo role play.  Are you into any of the two? Taboo sex or taboo role play?

Back to school erotic party

We got a very interesting e-mail from a female reader. She has some problems with her husband’s role playing habits. Actually we are not sex therapist, so we are, not sure why she emailed us, in fact I am even not sure it is really on-going true happenings with her, or she just created it.

However either way, it worth 2 minutes from anyone times (who into adult dating)   to read he message.

role play loverole play love

She wrote it:

I found your web site after searching through my husband’s search history on his computer. Yes, that might sound bad but it isn’t. I don’t care if he looks at porn or sex pictures, I look at them some times with him  and they turn me on. I was looking for a website that I had visited a few days ago and I noticed he visited here. I was curious about what your site was all about. I think you guys have a great site for people who are into  adult dating and adult dating related plays.

Actually I am not sure what exactly he was looking for here, because he can get as much sex as much he wants at home. He is very healthy, in fact can’t be any healthier, therefore he is often horny and  ready for sex at any given time. Anyway, here is my problem. I hope you can give me some advice.

My husband likes to wear costumes in bed. Let me put it differently, he likes to wear them when we have sex. He usually stock up on the cheap ones on sale after Halloween. I’m open to the idea of this, but these cheap costumes made from cheap plastic very cheaply, and they sometimes cut me. He cut my vagina once when has was wearing one of those plastic masks while he gave me oral sex.

I don’t mind the costumes, well I kind of do. I don’t like them because they are cheap and because he feels weird in them. I don’t wear them, he only he does. The plastic outfits don’t feel right on my skin.  As I said before these costumes are the cheap ones that  all made from synthetic materials.

Sometimes they come with fake hair, but that is another story. He buys them in the Dollarama.

Once again, for reading my email, I like your website, so much, I have recommended it to my girlfriend.  She told me something wrong with her husband sex drive. He isn’t into love making anymore. I thought they were going to break up, but she found a guy to screw her together with her husband every now and then.

I am not sure it is right or not. Sometimes I fantasize to get screwed by two guys at once… and in that fantasy, I would not mind to wear a costume.

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As I said we are not sexologist, but your messages got my attention and I Googled your mail’s subject. Actually you could do the same… just Google it. Anyway I found a website, and they have an on-line adult dating magazine, there are few similar posts. Check them out, several people responded with several different  ideas.

Here is what  our stuff and I suggest to you.

I would ask him what type of costume turns him on the most. Then I would go to your local costume or adult store or it might be a Fetish store. Yes, there are costume and fetish shops still around. Look in your phone book or search the world wide web. At these shops they will have better costumes. Some of them might actually be made right there in the shop. Some places do this in case you need the costume changed to fit you perfectly.

I would go through the store and find one that he likes. Make sure it doesn’t have plastic or sharp metal parts or anything that can cut you. If you can get silk or crushed velvet, that would be the best. That will feel good against your skin. This might sound a little weird, but I would suggest to him that you also get one. Maybe because he is into the whole costume thing, he might be into you wearing one and you said you would not mind the have a  three way if you are in a costume, so you can consider this like a practice… Practice makes perfect, you never know, you might will have a wild night of sex with you hubby.

Unless this is something that he always does, I wouldn’t get too worried about it. Be more worried about the health hazards from the cheap costumes. If he is doing it once or twice a month, it is just a fetish, or erotic role-play. We all have some kind of kinky thing in our mind that we might  try to do, and that is completely normal. Of course there are some borders, that no should cross, but lets not go there now.

If you are already having a good sex life, don’t let his role play practice  stop you. Embrace it for all its worth. It could be something else that makes your sex life good. Never knock something until you try it!

About the second part of your email. If I were you I would not worry about your girlfriend’s preferences with men, but if it really does bother you, you can try to do something about it. I am not sure how open minded are you, but if you really worry about her, why don’t you do something more than give her advice. You wrote that you thinking about having a threesome and your husband is ready for sex at any time. Her husband and she already experienced  in your fantasy sex play, so  ask her to help you out, and you fix two problems at once.

Talk with your hubby and talk with your girlfriend. For starters organize a Back to School  costume party together, this time of the year that Back to school erotic parties are all over, but if you do not need a reason for partying, than make  a party in sexy costume. I am sure your husband is going to like that. If you think this is way is too much, you should suggest to her to visit the same erotic on-line dating magazine, that I  suggested to you, and she will find a lot of sex life related tips and advises, what to do and how to do…

local swingersCasual Encounter Classifieds 

If you do not want to partying with your girlfriend and with her husband, than you just need to find a few wanna be party animal guys. Its easy to find, students moved to colleges and universities, so you just need to go somewhere  close to colleges and or universities, or visit bars that these students like to visits. If it does not work for you, then you need to search the Internet, for example our partner – sponsor’s members here.

Hope it will work out for you…


Role play tips

Men women couples looking for single men for casual encounters

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Threesome or one on one sex

Reason to Masturbate

Why men, women and sometimes couples masturbate? Almost everyone tried it, some  in very early age.  Animals not masturbate, so it is a  very human activity, therefore it brings the question up; What makes people masturbate?

No one need a reason to masturbate, however  there is reasons, the #1 Reason For Masturbating that it feels good and it is 100% safe (if you do it in the privacy of your home and you are alone). The other good reason is, you just have to worry about yourself. Because you do it alone (well not necessary do it alone, but you can do it alone, if you prefer) you don’t have to worry about your partner. And at the end masturbation is one of the greatest stress relievers.

masturbating couple

Masturbation Lover Couple Looking for Playmates

Masturbation may help everyone to understand their own sexual nerve system. Where it is sensitive and what you enjoy the most? To know these things will help you in your sex play with your partner.

You can masturbate in the presence of your partner or you can masturbate each other, and you can watch each other masturbate. For example for men with erection problem, masturbation perform by his partner, can help to get erected. Watching a masturbating woman is very erotic and will turn any healthy man on.

If watching alone wont help, the lady should perform masturbation on the man and sooner or later he will be ready for action.

Women are different. A large number of them unable to reach orgasm with traditional penis-vagina penetration. In this case the male should spice up the intercourse with his hand and or tongue (oral sex).

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Oral Sex Lovers Club

During sex play – he should play with her clitoris (Google women orgasm).

How Should You Masturbate If You Are a Woman

You can do anything that feels good. Touch the sensitive parts of your body. For starters play with your nipples. After lightly rub your clitoris with your panties on. Cotton panties might feel better rubbing against your clitoris than synthetic. When you are “hot” and your pussy produced some natural lubricant take off you panties and finger yourself. If your vagina is dry try lightly stroke your clitoral hood and play with your anus area. Lots of nerve endings are there and they are very sensitive.

But you have to be very careful! You do not use the same finger in your anus and in your pussy. If you do so, you’ll get a nasty infection. In your anus is all kinds of bacteria that’s okay there, but they definitely not okay in your vagina. You can use rubber on your finger, but you need to change them. The best method is use one hand for your butt and one hand for your vagina.

Does your pussy getting wet? If does not use lubricant, your saliva might be okay…  just suck your finger, before you ply with your genital. Than you just have to find the right rhythm and right angel with your finger. You should think about something very erotic, for example your most erotic night or the best guy in your life. Apply the right amount of pressure on you clitoris and you will reach an orgasm very soon.

kinky womankinky woman into sex toys

Of course sex toys, vibrators or dildo will help.  For example you can reach your G point with a good vibrator. It will make you cum at no time. Also a  lot of women masturbate in the bathtub  under the running water (they keep run the water on their clitoris). Some women point two fingers in a downward V around the clitoris, so the pressures applied to the sides and the tops. Some others use the flat of the hand to grind the clitoris and insert the other hand’s finger(s) at the same time into the vagina.

Also some older women, who are into loves hard rough sex , love to twist their clitoris between their index finger and their thumb.

Men And Masturbation

The simplest way to masturbate for a man is to wrap his fingers around the shaft of his penis, similar as holding a hammer, apply some pressure and move it up and down. Pick up the rhythm and think about the women he does have crush on or something very erotic. Some men just can only reach orgasm with masturbation if they watch porno movies. Nothing  wrong with that. He won’t go blind. Many men use lubricant. It is not necessary, but if you decide to use one, you should use the right one. Vaseline wasn’t made for this kind of activity. It is possible to buy water based love making lubricant in any drugstore.

kinky coupleMasturbation Lovers Club

The other masturbation method is inserting the penis in something vagina like. However, every men should be very careful before inserting his penis in anything. Hospitals often give emergency treatment to release men who trapped himself by their penis. It is extremely embarrassing to explain what happened and usually very painful the release.

On the today’s sex toys market it is easy to buy sex toy for men. Our advise, men who does not trust their own hands, should buy a good quality sex toy, to avoid hospitals.

If you are a male and your female partner performs masturbation on you she can use the same technique what she might use during oral sex. If you are a lucky guy and two ladies perform masturbation on you, you definitely should play with one of the ladies.

Oral Sex

A lot of people prefer oral sex to masturbation. If you don’t know why people love to perform and receive oral sex you should try. Oral sex lovers are everywhere – even in your city too.

Check out our users in your area, get a free membership, join in and meet them. Remember practice make perfect…

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Married woman want more. More is merrier.

I found this website by accident… More is merrier, is it  true? I guess who ever is looking for, will find something. Let me explain, what got me here. I am a 35 year old married woman,  married since 22.

married woman looking for funmarried but want more

In the first few years sex was good and that make life beautiful, however sex life has become stale. We get so bored with routine sex. We’ve tried toys, new positions, you name it, we’ve done it.

We’ve tried to be creative by trying to have sex at different places, but nothing seems to work! Sex isn’t fun anymore, and both of us know this. I want to have fun, I simply want to find someone else… but I love him and he loves me… but I am frustrated and shy as I am I feel that day to cheat is very close.

Ultimately I do not wish to be a cheater, I want to bring the spark back into our bedroom so I thought, I should ask here. What should we do? Any tips would be much appreciated.

married woman looking for funMarried Women Looking for Playmates


I am sure you are not alone with your problem. Once the honeymoon’s over and you settle into the everyday life, it’s easy to get bored. A lot of people burdened by the demands of career, family, mortgage, sex is the last thing on their what to do list. However along with food and shelter, we need sex. Some of us need more some others less, in recipes ranging from simple to spicy.

hard core loveWe love hard core nsa play

As you wrote it creativity is very important. Creativity isn’t just for artists. We all have a creative side to us; creativity is the key to great sex.

You need to keep it flowing so no one never knows what to expect. Sometimes in life not knowing what is going to happen is great.

Variety is the spice of life. Without it, our lives really get old fast.

I mean, you have to have some changes in life to keep you on your toes. I have known people who do the same exact job their entire lives, but I can’t see how they do it. I mean, years after years do the same thing, I would get sick of it.

The same is true in bed. If you always go through the same motions, you won’t keep your partner interested. If the routine is, kissing him, he is going down on you and penetration, you are in a rut. He might like this, but some variety will wake him up too.

Not everything in life needs to be cut and dry. This is true in the bedroom. If you guys don’t spend time thinking harder of new ways to make love, sex will get to be too much of a routine activity. Every older couple knows what happens then. Either you think I can’t turn him on anymore, or you’ll think about cheat on him.  My partner say, work hard and play harder, and this works for us…


play couplePlay Couple

Do I miss something here? She asked tips or advice what should they do to make their sex life fulfilling again,  and everyone talk about their own sex life.

What kind of advice is; “Work hard play harder”? What work have to do with sex?

Anyways, there are many things that anyone can try, or try  some that they think, you think you will enjoy both. For example:

Food in bed. Remember as a kid you were told not to eat in bed? Now that you are an adult, you can without the guilt. Use foods that are sweet and that you can smear on each other. Stay way from spicy or salty food. You don’t want to get that stuff around your privates, but whipped cream or foam, honey, peanut butter.  It can be fun.

Change your love making positions. This is an easy way to spice up your sex life. If you normally do it one way, switch to another way. Switch roles, you go on top of him. This will also give both of you a chance to explore what feels good for each of you.

Talk dirty. Pretend that both of you are enjoying phone sex with each other. Tell each other what you would do to each other while you masturbate. Not only this is a big turn on, but he can watch you while you bring yourself to orgasm. What is more fun than that?

Sex toys.  There are more toys than vibrators… Try them, figure out how to use them, that can be  a lot of fun. Be a kid again. Get some toys that both of you can use on each other. Explore, and enjoy each others new found sensual areas.

play coupleCouple Looking for Local Men to Play with

Porn. Oh yeah, every healthy man loves porn.  Some women too, like myself… 🙂 This can add some spice into your sex life. Don’t do it too much, he might think you are looking for a porn star like man. I would suggest that you get a movie with a plot. Or get one of those android box, unlimited porn there. You will enjoy the sex, he will enjoy the movie.

How open minded are you, and how open minded is he? You said you are thinking about cheat on him. Don’t cheat, instead ask him to set up a mfm Threesome  for you. There are a lot o homework to do, before you get into this, but if you make it happen you might like it…

Three is company. You can start with a  couple… Why not have a three way? Do you have a buddy that would like to do you? His lady with your hubby in the same room? Is he curious about having sex with another woman? Actually you don’t have to do each other, you can watch each other. It can be a great turn on and a great amount of fun.  Why not see where it goes?

You tried threesome and its not enough. Well, you can take your sex life to the next level, which is Swinging. If your marriage and love strong enough let’s get kinky.  Hey, why not try it? You can go to a swingers club and observe… If you don’t like what you see, you can walk out… or stay and walk on the wild side…

I am sure there will be couples like you there. You can just have sex with your own man, while an other couple is in the same room. A couple who you like. If you are feeling on the edge, you can play erotic games together with them. If two couples start to play erotic games it’s usually ends up in great sex.

Role plays and Costumes.  It can be a great way to add something different into your sex play. You can role play in an old Halloween costume. He can be super man while you are little red riding hood. Or teacher – student, photo model, porn star, prostitute, etc.  Some of this role play scenario does not even need costume.

Sex doesn’t have to be boring. I know, if you have sex with the same person for years, it will get boring. It will  get more boring if you allow it to, but there is always a way to spice it up. The question is: How far would you go?

Happy banging. I hope it helped a little.

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