Better Sex Bigger Orgasm | Tips To Reach Sexual Satisfaction

Orgasms not just  feel good, but it comes with many benefits. One of them is orgasms makes women happy (men too, but men achieve easier).  To keep her happier give her a mind blowing orgasm. Actually orgasm is not a beer, you can’t give it to anyone, but you can make her reach an orgasm, a great orgasm that she never reached before. In the meantime you will obtain your share of sexual satisfaction too….

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Remember in the beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? When you could hardly concentrate on anything because your mind was always in your partner underwear? When all you had to do was think about your partner and you became sexually aroused? Sex was great, you were sexually satisfied and great sex makes life better…

But time past by and your sex life changed, sexual satisfaction become history. How often do we hear, “I didn’t have to do anything to get her in to the bed, she was always in love making mood, wanted to have sex at all the time! Not anymore, she’s changed!”

What happened with her sex drive?

Many couples realize that their relationship is in trouble. All relationships have up and down periods, but if your relationship is in trouble, you have to find a solution to fix it. Great sex is a best solution for all kind of partnership problem. If sex is great, the spousal life is better.

Married people know this, that is why a lot of them try to increase their enjoyment during love making. Married couples know how important in their relationship the sexual satisfaction. A lot of us know several old simple sex tricks, actually they aren’t tricks, they just erotic activates, or sex plays, that will help. If you try them you can make your lady scream and moan. I don’t mean scare her in a scary Halloween mask. There are more enjoyable ways to make her scream.

Sex Tips To Reach Sexual Satisfaction

All women loves to be teased. Your lady too. Tease her as much as you can. Kiss her thighs and massage her genital. Use your tongue, lick her all over. Do it slow, and concentrate on the sensitive areas. Start with her face, and behind her ears. Spend some time on her boobs and tummy. Then go down to her toes. Come up on her other leg but do it slow. When hit her genital area stay there to perform oral sex. Be creative, with your tongue.

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Women can never have enough foreplay, women can never have enough oral sex so take your time down there. Use your fingers. Cup her breasts while you are eating her. If she is into anal play, place one finger in her anus when eating her out. This will turn her on, this will make her wet, she even might scream.

Erotic Talk

You can turn on her by words. Before you do anything, explain her what you would like to do to her. Tell her which position you love the best and tell her why you love that position. Give her very detailed info when telling her what you want to do. Tell her how much you love her smell and taste while you are going down on her.

Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a great way to give her a mind blowing orgasm. Blindfold her and turn a vibrator on. Put it next to her ear and ask her to listen how it sound. Then tell her how you going to make her come with that large, powerful vibrator. You can drive her wild with a vibrator.

Surprise her, surprise is a great sex toy. Surprise her with a very erotic outfit. Make her try it on and tell her how sexy and beautiful she is. It will make her panties wet in no time. Perform a quickies on her and then give her a romantic bath. Top it up with a erotic full body massage and you might have the greatest sex ever, after that massage.


Some ladies like it on a hard way, but they to shy to talk about it. Try to dominate in the bed. Tell her to get on her knees and spank her, and bang her from behind. If she likes it on a hard way, this will make her have one hell of an orgasm. If this doesn’t help, blind fold her. Deprive one of her senses, so she has to focus on the pleasure.

Very important to keep the sex play going until she is reaching the orgasm, and she should reach it first. If her orgasm was great she will work on you fanatically to return the favor.

At above are few great ways to make her enjoy love life or sex, like never before. Now you should go and get a bottle of Martini, some massage oil, few candles, and have some real erotic fun! Also you can educate yourself a little bit more.

Remember,  great orgasm needs healthy sex drive. If your r  her sex drive is not healthy, than sex or love making become dirty work. She wont reach orgasm, if she does not enjoy what she  does.

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Is there such a thing as to much love making, to much sex?

Is love making good for your health? What about sex? Is it good?

Let’s talk about frequency before we answer the above question. Every survey of sexual behavior has shown as the years goes by, the number of weekly sexual intercourse declines. By the way we are talking about married couple’s love life. An average married couple, older than 35 years, makes love twice a week. Late 40s and 50s couples have intercourse once a week. Over 60 this number is even lower. Why does this happen?

It might be caused by several factors. With age some of our hunger for sex decreases and probably our physical ability decreases too. It is hard to be horny if you are in pain. For some other people sex is like anything else. Something like your favorite food. For example your favorite food is steak. If you always eat steak, after a while, (1 or 2 years) you will have more than enough steak for a life time.

If you make love, or have  sex with the same partner, the same way, after 1 or 2 or more years you going to need more time to turn yourself and your partner on. The spark starts to go out. Than you can take sex life enhancement products, sex life booster, herbal – mineral and or natural  supplement to increase your energy, mood, and sexual performance.

Or as an alternative solution, you try something different like casual sex. No string attached casual sex or swinging provides a way to spice boring love life up. Active swinger couples, younger than 50 years of age make love at least 3 – 4 times a week with their regular partner, or spouse, plus some extra NSA sex play with someone else than the regular partner. How can they do it?

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The number one reason is that practice makes it perfect, and they practice a lot. The second reason they know sex is good for all adult age of humans.

Reason number three Healthy sex drive, because healthy eating and sexual performance booster natural supplements.

The Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle-aged men and women over the course of a decade. They found that, people with well balanced love life, make love or have sex few times a week, much more heather than people whom sexually not to active, even though they are in same  age group.

The differences in their health are:

Reduced risk of heart disease: By make love three or more times a week, men reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke by half.

Weight loss, overall fitness: Make love is “hardcore” exercise. A vigorous “sexercise” burns some 200 calories – about the same as running 45 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash. The pulse rate, in a person aroused, rises from about 70 beats per minute to 150, the same as that of an athlete putting forth maximum effort. Muscular contractions during intercourse work the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and thorax. Sex also boosts production of testosterone, which leads to stronger bones, and leaner muscles.

If our men are into NSA sex, they burn even more calories. Have sex with new partner makes men perform better, they play longer, they can repeat, the “sexercise” takes longer time. And if he take some sex life booster, than he will rock her world and both of them will burn a lot of calories.

Sexually Active people get less-frequent colds and flu: Individuals who make love  or have sex once or twice a week show 30% higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system.

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Better teeth: Seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown to retard tooth decay. A good blow job might deliver more mineral to her than the best toothpaste combined with latest tartar control mouthwash. Also before and after love making, people usually brush their teeth, which, by itself, would help promote better oral hygiene.

Better bladder control: Do you know anything about Kegel exercises? If you make love or have sex, you exercising the same muscle when you do Kegel exercises. It will help you in your old age to control your urine’s flow.

Healthier prostate: Men flush their prostate gland during orgasm. There is no any other way to do this. Flushing your prostate gland 5 times a week will reduce the chance to get prostate cancer by 40%. It’s hard to make love 5 times a week with the same person for a lifetime. If you or your wife don’t like multiply partners, then masturbation is a way to go. However there is no magic number that guarantees the result. The best to  do,  just to do what feels good and doesn’t cause fatigue afterwards.

Is there such a thing as too much love making or way to much sex?

The short answer: If you are a female no. Lot of love making or sex will firm your tummy and buttocks and improve your posture. You might develop a lubrication problem. In this case use something like KY jelly or Vigorelle to avoid inter vaginal scrape.  For extra Vigorelle  does more intimate moisturizing, it  cause instant arousal, when you need it, for increased desire, pleasurable sensations where required and culminating in full body climax. Get fiirst handed info about Vigorelle here.

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What about guys? Is sex ever to much for them? For males there is a point that we can call enough, even from love making. As with everything as penis too has its own limit. Penile tissues, if given too roistering or prolonged a pummeling, can sustain damage, especially with out condom if not enough lubrication. Even if he wears condom water based ALL NATURAL lubricant and sex enhancer help for both of them 🙂 he lubricates his condom, and she will get aroused more and she will obtain bigger orgasm. This lubricant was developed for women, but its water based, therefore does not make any damage on the condom, its lubricate her vagina, and condom too, but it can and it enhance her pleasure, she will obtain great orgasm. Can be easier than this…

No any man can control when his penis gets hard or gets flaccid. His body tries to control this with his staying power. If he is experienced, he can delay his orgasm, but when it is enough, he his penis wont be an erected penis.

And here comes the magic stuff such as Viagra or Levitra. If you are a healthy young to middle aged man you should not use them. They are chemical based and they have terrible side effects, that effecting the hearth function. They can kill anyone! If you are over 85 years old, than you can use anything that help…

If you need some bedroom magic, use herbal supplement. It will give you more staying power, without health hazard. Men’s sex life enhancement supplement  make it possible to have second and third orgasms without having to wait. However there is a solution for women too…

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When you get flaccid, well there is a reason for that, Your penis is in  its natural state, undergoes a period of softness, but with those natural supplement this period will be short.

Those flaccid periods – That’s when you take deep breath. The blood within it is replenished with oxygen. During an erection, very little blood flows to the penis. No blood – no oxygen. To absorb oxygen, the tissue must become relaxed. If you do not allow the penis to rest, then the muscle tissue does not get enough oxygen. The muscle becomes so engorged, it’s painful. Pressure inside starts to increase. Cells start dying. More pressure and less blood flow. Eventually the muscle dies. And if you ever get there, from this point you can use your penis to urinate only. If you are 85 years old, go ahead and use any  drugs, but if you are younger, think before you try.

And here at the end please remember, safe sex or no sex!

Casual Sex Casual Sex Dating Ads Related Info

Sex is a short word with a lot of meaning. Talking about sex used to be taboo in the past, sex used to be very privet matter between two people, mainly between married couples or between couples in love. Don’t forget, prostitution is the world’s oldest professional, therefore taboo or not, there was and there is sex outside of marriage since marriage exists.

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The Internet changed every sex related things. Since the Internet boom there is on-line dating and a “new” type of sexual encounter, the casual sex or people call it no commitment sex is widely popular, in fact NSA dating is more popular than any other on-line dating activity.

Casual sex was born from the past’s keys exchange, swinging parties, however casual sex might be a little different than no commitment or swingers sex.

There are many different world that related or many words that defines casual sex. For example no string attached sex one of the most used word the define casual sex. It means: Penetrative sex that involves two or more people who have no desire or intention of ever develop a committed romantic type of exclusive relationship with each other.

There are few benefits of no string attached sex. For example nsa sex eliminates many stressful factors that may accompany a romantic relationship such as: jealousy, mind games, verbal or physical abuse, and/or frequency in sexual activity, boredom, and many more I’m sure. If the sex partners have enough from each other, they will try to find someone else.

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Casual Sex can be one night stand. But sometimes, sex partners state it, after penetrative sex, they have had by-far the best sex they’ve ever had and can hardly wait for the next time they meet! This kind of sex play might turn into friendship, friends with benefits, sex friends, sex friendship or fuck buddy.

Swingers Sex | Swingers Couples | Swingers Sex Ads

Is swingers sex casual sex? Swingers are human be too, therefore their sexual activity can be casual sex too, but it can be more. Swingers couples like to build sex relationship, with someone compatible for leisure. Swingers leisure sex relationships are relationships and they are are more than sex. It maybe a friendship, that ends up in sex.

Casual sex can happen in a heat of moment. No commitment, no relationship, just sexual intercourse. Casual sex usually one night stand only. If it was good, the partners might meet few more time, but after that, the life will go on and they will find someone else to play with.

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Swingers sex never happens in the heat of the moment. Swingers prepare for sex. They share their primary partner, spouse for sex. They are always looking for new playmate, they meet them, sometimes those meetings like a job interview… Therefore swingers sex is much more than casual sex.

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Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex. We are being human, without sex we wont be around, therefore sex is our strongest desires. If sex is great the life is beautiful, if sex life doesn’t work out right, we have all kind of other difficulties in our every day’s life. Sometimes couples sex life getting boring, and here is the point when sex can meet with casual sex.

Why do married couple like casual sex?

Not all of them likes it, in fact in US only about 9% of married couple looking for no string attached sex partner to share their sex life with. Married couples, and couples with their permanent romantic partner, who are into casual sex loving it… because they can live out their sexual fantasy, and they love variety. variety in partners and it should be variety in sexual activity. Variety in sexual activity comes in many different form. For example, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, different sexual positions with different sex partners.

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Our casual sex advice: Remember you are not with your primary partner, you can and you should try to do and learn different sex play, positions, etc with your nsa sex sex partner. Learn, practice and master your sex knowledge and this kind of knowledge will spice up and will make better your romantic relationship, sex life with your primary partner or with your spouse.

There are one more thing to say. A lot of people visits our website, in a hope to find sex partner for no string attached sex, so if nsa sex is in your mind than you should visit our sponsor’s erotic adult dating website. You might find there, what you are looking for.

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What kind of men women love to date?

How can I ask her out to a Halloween party?

One of our users questioned us,  he wrote it; One of my co-worker invited me to his Halloween party. His last year Halloween Party was a really kinky party and I would be happy to go this year too.  I have a lady friend and I really want to develop more than friendship with her but I scare if I make my move, I will lose her for good.

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So my question is: What happens when you want to ask a friend out for a date, or in my case that date will be a kinky Halloween party, but you’re scared you’ll hear, “No, thanks”? What can you do when potential lady mate think of you less like a lover and more like a brother?

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The question is good, because there is a fine line between friendship and romantic relationship, but only if she is your long time friend.  Built – develop romance with  a woman, who seem to think of you as nothing more than a friend is not easy. I mean, being friends is good, but if you would like to get into a relationship at some point than you have to make your move…

First of all, don’t be to hard on yourself. Being just friends is an all too common problem these days when, more than ever, fewer people actually go out on dates, opting instead simply to search the internet for casual relationship. They find someone to hang out, have a drink or two and sooner or later, after 2 – 3 dates, they might end up in a hotel room, while acting as if there’s no date happening.

The line between casual dating – relationship and or friendship, between men and women isn’t blurry, and that’s where many men’s problem starts.

Have you ever noticed that friends often don’t arouse strong romantic feelings in some of us? They may seem perfect in all sorts of ways: funny, great to be around, smart, trustworthy, similar, and familiar. But no matter how hard we try, they just don’t arouse strong romantic feeling in us?

She might say; “Oh. I could never go out with you, you’re like a brother to me.” And no one go to romantic date whit her own brother. That is taboo at this part of the world.


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I think this happens,  because men hesitate too long, to  figure out  whether their time together are real dates or just hanging out. Haven’t you ever felt the initial rush of interest for a new friend, but then suppressed those feelings because you thought that she didn’t act interested?

But it could be that she felt passion for you, way back when you first started hanging out. You just couldn’t see it. Time passed, and now you’re like a brother to her. She’s known you so long, and when the time was  right you did not make  your move, therefore you do not make her romantically exciting anymore.

It this happens in your case, your best option is run, and run fast. You will save a lot of time for yourself.

So what can you do to stop becoming a brother and start being a lover? Don’t hesitate too long at the friendship stage. If your friend has any romantic feelings for you at all, you’ll have to take advantage of the window of opportunity. Ask early, or be prepared to miss the chance.

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Picking the right time is essential: somewhere after the “getting to know you” stage but before she starts telling you about all the men she’s really interested in. When she starts talk about her last night date, well that is the sign you missed your opportunity, because from that point she does not consider you as a dating partner.

Making the switch from friends to lovers isn’t easy. You might not be up to the challenge since it is risky. What if you lose the relationship entirely? That might happen. Many people say if yours is a good friendship, it will survive, however I do not think so. I believe between men and women friendship I mean real deep friendship could not exist  for long time. Sooner or later one of them, and usually the men, want to get into her underwear and that is not  friendship anymore.

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The best casual sex relationship develops between friends. Fiends know each other, they know what they like what they don’t, and very often they can serve each other erotic needs. Also it is fact a lot of casual sex partner turns their casual relationship into romantic relationship, but now  we can get into the beginning, which was; How can you do it?

There is no correct answer for your question. But if I were you, I would  take her to that Halloween party, hopefully that party would be a “kinky” Halloween party and I would try to get intimate with her. What can happen? Get rejected or succeed…   You never know if you not try.

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Dating Your Best Friend Ex Girlfriend

Younger women older men with money

What kind of men women like? Older men with money, or a younger attractive man? Before any misunderstanding, a lot of women after men with money, but money is not everything.  If a young lady find a wealthy older man,  she will say, age is just a number. Yeah right, age is just a number, if he is wealthy… but sooner or later she will need someone younger.  She wants a younger man, a confident man who knows how to make her happy. This type of women are into casual dating.

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How can you find her? With a little luck and with some work any young man can find a lady like I described  at above. What  I going to tell you here is apply to any women, who are into dating, not just women who lives with old rich man.

You can date a woman only, if she likes you. How do  you know she likes you?

How many times have you ran into an attractive woman? You can run into her by visiting on-line dating websites or in a bar or in a nightclub. The location does not make any difference, but if you want to date someone, you have to meet her sooner or later face to face.

Than comes  the first meting, or lets call it first date. How many times have you had a first date, when you talked to her and wondered if she is interested in you?

Something like this happens with me a lot. I talk with women every day, a lot of women, some of them are attractive, some others less attractive, some of them are very attractive and few of  them are more then very attractive. How can I know, if she would not mind to get to know me better?

I used to wonder about this day and night.  Seriously, how can a man know if a woman is interested in him? For example in my case,  I don’t want to end up looking like a fool and ask her out and she turns me down in a sec. I been there, down that.

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Here is a little story.  Men usually wouldn’t tell you  story like this, but I am a different kind of man…  So one Friday night I decided,  I go out and have few drinks. It was the end one of those weeks where all I did was work. I needed some drinks. Women wasn’t in my mind, but I am single and if she will cross my way, well  I wasn’t going to run a way.

I sat down to the bar and I order a beer. I drank about half of it and watched the hockey game on the television. All of a sudden a group of about five hot babes came down and sat next to me.  They all were wearing hot little outfits that made their boobs and legs very “appetizing”…

I drank one more beer and I got relaxed. I thought I would exchanges few words with them. Hell, there is five of them, and never know, one of them was a very sexy middle aged brunette, I got her few times to checked me out with her eyes. I started off by doing some simple magic tricks, from my high school time, the one where you find a quarter behind  someone ear.

Then one point I bought them a drink, then they got me few more. We were all laughing and having a good time, like someone who knows each other since early childhood. I asked them to dance, one after one and they were all rubbing up against me. I’m not much of a dancer, but when I get a few beers in me, then dance knowledge doesn’t matter.

About two hour later all of us where close to being drunk. I was feeling like super man at the middle of  five hot women. Than I decided to ask the hot brunette to  exchange phone number.  She looked me like she just seen a dead racoon on the side of the highway. Then out of no where, all of them started laughing at me. I am 6’2 tall but shrink  to 4’5 in a sec.  I asked them, what is do funny, why they were laughing. Out of no where the brunette said she thought I was a geek.

I tried to make up some jokes to lighten the situation, but I could see that I was going no where. It felt everyone in the bar was laughing at me, not with me. So I said sorry ladies, I need to go and left. Since that time I have learned my lesson and I will share with you my knowledge. If you read them hopefully, you won’t get embarrassed like I did.

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At first, you have to be confident. Women does not turn down a confident man instantly, they might, but they listen you at first.   If a confident man talk with a woman, let say you are that confident man and  you are talking to a woman in a bar or in night club or at a house party and she constantly touches you, chances are she wants more than just a conversation. This doesn’t mean that you are going to take her home that night, but it might mean that you have the potential in the near future to explore her body, but I wouldn’t count on it.

If she hangs around you all the time it might mean she is interested. If her girl friends go to the dance floor and she sticks near you to talk to you, that is a good sign.

Than the bar close and she suggest  to go somewhere to a 24 hours coffee shop, that is a good sign, but still there is no guaranty. She might just be a polite lady, or she lives close to that coffee shop and doesn’t want to go home alone. You should except her invitation.

Than you and her talk over  a coffee and if she talks about sex, that is a very positive thing. Sometimes a woman will talk about a bad lover or that she hasn’t been touched in a while. This means that she is definitely interested in you. However here is a catch, you as a man,  should not talk about sex on your first date. If you do so, she will think you are looking for an object to put something somewhere in…

Just let her run the show. If she wants something she will make it crystal clean. She will make sexual comments to you. She doesn’t tell you how nice your blue jeans are, but instead tells you how well they fit on your ass.  This is a  sign, she might go  farther.

She offers you some gum. If she offers you some gum while you are at the bar while she puts some in her mouth, chances are she is getting ready to do some kissing.

If she is watching your lips. Most people look someone in the eyes when they are being talked to. If she is looking at your lips, it means she wants you bad. If of course you are in a loud place, she might just be reading your lips because she can’t hear you very well.

Then she is watching your genital area. I am sure she does not check your blue jeans color out in details, instead she try to figure something else out. From this point you can start to seriously flirt with her. If you don’t know how you can flirt, find some tips here if you keep reading.

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Here you go my friend. Now you won’t be making the same mistake I made. You can use these tips to get to know her better, maybe get her into you bedroom  in no time.

Of course,  these signs might mean nothing. Everything is depends on the situation She might just test  you, or just playing with you. It is like a hunting game. You are the hunter, but you should not let her feel, like you try to hunt her down.  You just  be polite and very confident.

If you go this far with any woman and you are being confident, that is more than half success.  Women like  confident men, men who act like a man supposed too.