What kind of men women love to date?

How to attract women? Who is a perfect lover? A lot of guy think that a bigger penis and more staying power will make them a better lover. Some of them think it’s about how suave, and how sophisticated they are. Well… they are wrong.

Most men aren’t really clear on what they think a great lover is, but most would like to become one.

So what make women sigh and tell their girlfriends about a guy after the first time they make love with? What makes a man appealing  and successful for many women? Read more…

In this article we get tips from women all over the world, who think they know what makes the perfect lover. Do you want to be the perfect lover? Then keep reading.

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The most important thing in any relationship building is confidence. What ever you try to do, you need to  be confident.

However there are few more things, that you should know. First off, women like to be listened to. They like to feel that they are communicating with their partner, and they are much more likely to feel special and relaxed when the man they are worth focuses on them. And feeling more relaxed can lead to much better sex. Read more…

Also a man that pays honest attention to his date can make her feel like she is important and not just another body to him. What’s more, most men that women consider great lovers really truly like women and their companion. That makes a big difference. The average man in the street makes jokes about women, and doesn’t see them as friends. A man that makes women feel liked is going to be a man women like.

Also a man who touches women gently and doesn’t rush when he is kissing, touching or stroking makes a woman feel good. So many men want to get through the kissing and the foreplay and go straight to the sex, but women don’t feel that way. It makes them feel less relaxed and less like having sex at all. It certainly isn’t the way to excite and stimulate most women.

And of course, a great lover knows about the female body. He knows that most women are turned on by gentle bites on the neck and throat while being held from behind. He knows that gently pulling her head back with her hair while kissing her is very exciting for a lot of women.

He also pays attention during sex, and listens to the sounds his lover makes – or doesn’t make. He works his way gradually to her nipples and her inner thighs. If something makes her pull back a little, he is paying enough attention to notice, and will stop immediately. A lover a woman remembers afterward doesn’t just stick in his penis and hammer at her. He doesn’t stop talking softly to her the minute that intercourse is achieved. Unfortunately most men do. Read more…

What really keeps most men from being great lovers – lovers that women remember with a smile for years – is that they have a goal – and they act as if the woman is a means to that goal. They are not sharing an experience or pleasure, they are trying to get off.

Next time you are on a date with a woman, try listening to her – really listening. Talk with her, get to really know her. Enjoy her company, don’t focus on the question of whether you will have sex with her later or anything other than the time you are spending with her at that very moment. If you treat every minute you spend with her in this way, and you do not rush, and you make her feel special, she is going to feel great being with you – and that is the most important first step toward being a great lover. Read more…

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Secret of great romantic dates

Everyone want to impress their dating partner, special if is someone new… bu these days, an average and impressive date can be expensive. How can you set up a great and romantic date with out spending a fortune…

Also the money is not everything, it can be impressive, can also can be less than romantic – after all, what is really romantic about eating in a restaurant and handing out tips for servers like you handing out business cards.

For that matter, how can you get to know each other with a waiter coming by ever five minutes to see if you need anything?

And if a date is about getting to know each other, finding out if you like each other and have things in common, you can’t really do that if you go to a movie or a concert or club. Attraction won’t grow if you’re both involved with a plot or a band. In between your regular dates, why not try some dates that encourage spending time with each other and don’t cost a fortune.

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Stop at a neighborhood deli just before the date and pick up a full picnic lunch or dinner? Ask your date for her favorite foods, so hopefully you can include one or two in the meal. Now drive to the beach or the park (perhaps she has a preference) and find a nice spot away from any crowds. You can talk while you eat (remember napkins and something to sit on!) and then go for a walk together.

Almost every women loves flower.

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Are you a man? Why not meet your date close to her home with a single flower that you can have professionally wrapped at a florist? Make it one in a color she likes, or if you happen to know her favorite flower, have it with few nice leaves in clear or colored cellophane, just like a full sized bouquet.

If you want to end the evening doing something, maybe an ice cream parlor or the bar in a local exotic restaurant for a drink would be nice and easy. Or want to be sure that you have something to do in case you don’t end up with much to talk about? Why not go to a pier or local amusement park? Not a theme park – just a place with a merry-go-round and some pinball and other games, and maybe bumper cars and stuff. You can take turns trying to win each other toys, or play pool or some kind of ball game – and except for serious snobs, everyone loves to play.

If it is not you first date with you dating partner, than what about a romantic dinner at you place too finish you date in a style.

If your day date worked out well, you can finish the day at your place with a home made romantic dinner. Nice table, some candle light and a glass of fine wine. If you don’t know how to cook, order take out meal from a restaurant and you just have to serve it. No paper plates allowed! Use your best dinnerware, nice music and scented candles. It will touch her hearth.

Romantic movie at your place.

If you do not want deal with meal, you can do a movie at your place, but make it seem special. Then instead of the same old movie popcorn, why not see if you can buy a couple actual movie popcorn containers? They have them at restaurant supply or party supply places. If there is no party supply store in your city maybe a local theater will sell you a couple. Try a little decor – maybe you can get a couple old movie posters that used to hang at movie houses. Find out what her three favorite movies are – hopefully they aren’t too esoteric and you can find at least one for rent. Then send her an invitation, either hand-delivered or in the mail. Invite her to a movie preview (but make it clear it will be at your place, so she doesn’t get dressed up).

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For example: “You Are Invited to a Cinema Event! I will be your host and I would like to invite you to a movie premiere at my personal – home based theater. Will be playing at 8pm sharp. Please bring this invitation for seating.”

Or you can always go somewhere where you both have interests. If you both enjoy reading, maybe you can go to a used bookstore and then go sip coffee. If you and she both like roller skating, that could be fun. Or a trip to the zoo. You might even try a long drive in the car, if you have some nice scenery near where you live.

As you can see above, there are a lot of way to get to know someone. You just have to find a compatible partner and everything else work out.

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Perform for your lady almost naked

A lot of men think that, they can’t strip for their woman. They scare or  chickens out, for what ever reasons… They don’t know how much women (some) loves tripping men…

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All they should do is relax and take it one step at a time. Us ladies understand that you’re not professional dancers. We don’t care if you are, we just like to see that side of you trying to make us happy. Setting the erotic mood. In most strip bars they use a red light. It sets an erotic atmosphere. Find a place that suits what you plan on doing.

The place that you decide on should have enough lights so you’ll be able to see where you’re going. Take is easy. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. She doesn’t care if you look like a Mel Gibson. She’s interested in watching you entertain her.

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Make sure that you’re both in a good mood, You don’t want to catch her on a bad day when she’s not into it. Remember you love this woman so show her what you’ve got. She won’t make funny comments on your stripping abilities. Give her a good time.

older womenGet naked

Here are few things you should keep in mind when perform for your lady – almost naked.

The whole idea is to tease her. You have to let her wonder what’s under your clothes and what you’re going to do next. Yes you will eventually be fully naked but not too soon. This will come with time. Be patient. When stripping for her you start with taking off your top and move down south. Your underwear is usually the last things left.

I personally not a big fan of thongs on a man. I like the white boxer look. We can still see what you’ve got down there without you having to bunch it all up in a thong. If you decide to wear boxers pick a pair that’s not too flashy.


Women love seeing men in uniform. A policeman or fireman’s uniform is always good to see on a man. We want to know what you’re up to but we love to be surprised too.

*It’s very important to practice what you plan on doing in front of her. It’s good to know your movements before the time comes. If you forget a move it’s okay just come up with something else. Women usually dance in front of the mirror. It lets us see what we look like when we’re dancing and how we look in certain positions.

horny older womenOlder Women for Younger Men

It’s okay to be a bit foolish when dancing. We know that you’re not a professional dancer so stay calm and so will she. Make it fun for the both of you.

While stripping for her go up to her every once in a while and kiss her. Touch her shoulders ,whisper in her ear maybe if you feel confident enough shake your ass in front of her. But remember you’re teasing her don’t give her too much of you.

If you want when you’re almost naked ask her if she’s like to get up and dance with you. This is the foreplay of erotic dancing. Soon you’ll both be doing the horizontal mambo.

It’s okay to act funny and have a good time but you want to remember there are certain steps you should follow. Some men don’t know how to dance and that’s okay. Here is a little hint for you :sway your hips from side to side and turn around every few minutes to show her another side. For the men who know how to dance go for it!

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Here are those steps you want to follow when stripping for her.

First you want to take off your socks and then remove your shirt and toss it at her gently.

Take off your belt slowly and tease her with it. Then let her take it off. Move down towards unzipping your pants. let your pants fall and then get out of them)

Slowly dance towards her and take her hands to your boxers and let her remove them from your body.

When picking the music pick what suits the dance you want to perform. If you want to strip fast then pick a more upbeat song. If you want slow and romantic then try using r&b. You can ask her what she likes and pick a song from that selection.

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My friend and I did his wife

My best friend Jack, was always oversexed. As a single man he spent a lot of weekend sex parting and he loved to go to swingers club too. I figured that, when he will get married, he would slow down.  Eventually he married a lady, but I never met with his wife, not yet anyway. I used to work outside of the country when they started to date. At the time when I got back to the state, they have been married more then six months.

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One of the first thing that I did, was to visit Jack. That was my first meet with his wife.  She was a dark-haired, average looking Hispanic lady with grapefruit size of tits and very nice shaped long legs. More importantly her personality was much more better then her look. She played pool as a man, liked watching sport news on TV and did not offended at our course language.

Few weeks were gone by and I begun to forget she is a women, even though I found her sexually very attractive. Then one Saturday afternoon Jack reminded me how sexy she was. We had a few drinks while watching the hockey game and just as the third period started Ria brought in a plate of nachos.

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– You really found the prefect wife I said.
– Yeah, isn’t she a piece of beauty? Jack asked, sliding his arms around her. His hands dangled down to her boobs and begun caressing them. I looked quickly to the TV, but Jack voice turned me back to them.

– And her boobs are the best I ever had. Come here and fill them. I wasn’t sure what should I do. Jack had always been wild horny guy, but he just offered to take a close look at to his wife boobs. Did he really want me to check out his wife tits front of him? I looked at Ria, she drew her tongue across her lips very sexily. I realized she wanted me to do it. Well what the hack, am I a healthy man or what? I asked from myself and somehow I went over the sofa next to her and begun touching her boobs.

They were killer, I know that from the first moment when I saw her. She never wear bras, she doesn’t need them. Her boobs are tight and pointing to up direction. Her nipples poked through the fabric of her blouse.  Continue Reading…

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Men want sex, women know this…

Some women are like flypaper and you do not want to be a fly. I am sorry to say this, but it is true and sometimes true things hurt the most. Like the flypaper with the flies, they will try to catch you with their sweet scent. They fill your mind full of false hope. Then you are trapped, before you know it.

You are stuck in it, or in her sweet body and it is harder than hell to break free. Like flypaper for the flies, when a woman traps you in this deep, it is hard to get away from.

Some women think that men are the great liars of the world. They think men will say anything to get in their pants. This is true, but at least its temporary. Those flypaper type women on the other hand, will lie to trap you in. You lie because you want a piece of ass, they lie because they want to trap you.

Women thinks men tend to be suckers, and some men are…

Women know this. They know that when a hot babe with a nice boobs or ass walks by a guy, she has his full attention. If she bends over his eyes are plastered to her ass.

There are a large selection of women looking for men for marriage and relationship and nsa sex, but you us a man, you need to use your head… At first you have to ask yourself, why she is looking for online? They can be many legitimate reason and there are women who are real, honest and their reasons are real and they are into online dating.

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But there are women, who looking for suckers… You do not believe me? Try it yourself. Next time you go to the mall find a woman who has a nice set of boobies. Follow her around for a little bit. You will end up of seeing a ton of men who can’t keep their eyes off of her. This same woman could probably ask 75% of those men out on a date and they would accept. The first thing they are thinking about is her nice set of tits. They don’t care if she can’t carry a conversation more than a few sentences long.

I am sure, this same woman could ask those men to buy her things and she would find men to do it. It proves some men are suckers. They live by the rule of their penis. It is pretty simple, smart women know this.

Even if they not that smart, they will try to smart men out. Don’t fool yourself, they know men are after a piece off ass. It is no secret, it is in men’s DNA, every women know this. They have been using this knowledge for millions of years. They aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Women use their body and sex to draw in a man.

If she wants to marry you, she will do it at all costs. She will open her legs and give you the best sex you have ever had. I have seen this happen.

You meet a girl and you are just friends.

After a month or so, you realize that all you want is a friendship. In her mind she wants more, a lot more. She asks you if you want to have sex and she rocks your world. The next morning she gives you oral and makes you breakfast. Before lunch she offers you anal sex and wins your heart over. The perfect woman right? All of a sudden you begin to change your mind about this woman. Before she was your friend, now that you have felt her tight ass, you have different thoughts. Before long, she will have you in hook, line, and sinker. She will have you eating out of her hand.

All of it started with her ass.

She was a freind, but when there was sex involved, things were different. When she gave you oral while driving down the road, she all of a sudden wasn’t freind anymore, well, maybe kind of sex freind. You see that woman use sex to divert the men’s attention. They know if they please the guy sexually, they have him. It is the truth. No any horny guy going to turn down a good lay. Well, maybe gay guys, but that is another topic all together.

When you decide that you want to marry your sexfreind who now rocks your word sexually, you need to keep a clear mind. This is the most important time of the relationship. You have to base your next move on your real feeling and not on your penis. It may save you a lot of money when it comes divorce time.

If you are marrying her because she is a nice piece off as, here are some things to keep in mind. It might happen her nice ass, after you get married will turn to be wide ass. Married women sometimes get fat. Yes, its sad but true. This hot piece of ass might get as fat as a cow and she will look like a shadow of her old self. If this happens with wife, their husband always shocked by it. If you can keep an erection while looking at overweight woman’s ass, then you are more of a man than I am. Are you still want to married her? Just because her hot ass… you shouldn’t…

However an ass is an ass, does not matter it is a  hot sexy ass or a big fat ass, just because her ass, you should not make up your mind  married or don’t. There are many other things in a woman that you decision should based on.

One things is sure, small ass or big ass,  sex will dry up. You heard it here first. Every married man knows what this is like.

Before you get married, she was your sex freind, you screw her all the time or she is riding on you when ever is possible. You screw watching television, you screw in the shower, you screen on the back porch while taking the dog out to piss.

Than she became a lover, and this is great, but all of this sex will become nothing more than a memory. You will be lucky to get it twice a week if that.

Forget those times where she spent an hour to make her face up only to have it ruined in the heat of the moment. Now you are thinking about hire a escort to have sex with. If you are lucky she will brush her teeth before you kiss her in the morning. You will consider that to be great sex life, even though before you married her you performed anal sex on her, while she was bent over the washing machine during laundry day.  That was thought to be great sex, and that is in the past, if you are not smart enough.

Be smart and evaluate why you want to get married.

If she lured you in with great sex, don’t do it. There is more great sex out there. The sex will end and you will become unhappy. There is no way around it. If you choose to get suckered into this kind of marriage, I would suggest you get your subscription to SwingersCouple.net and find a sexy Asian woman after your honey moon. You will need to look and find someone, since you won’t be getting any real pussy that easy anymore.

If you wanna be slipper, go head and married her and she going to forces you to kiss her ass a rest of your life.

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